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Jan 15, 2012 01:10 PM

Lunch near Thomaston, Ct

I'm trying to set up a lunch for several old friends (men) somewhere near Thomaston as a central point. Normally we'd go to the Black Rock Grille but it's not open Mondays and we have to do this next week on a Monday. I would appreciate any suggestions of alternate similar restaurants in the surrounding general area as I am not that familiar with it. Not high class but not a total dump, with full bar and decent food but laid back enough so we can hang around for a couple of hours. Thanks for any help Hounds.

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  1. There is Acopulco/Madrid on Rt 6 (towards Watertown near the intersection of RT 109.) in Thomaston. Not sure if it is open on Monday, however.

    The bar is just fine, sangria is quite good. Unfortunately, no tap beer.

    The food is OK, good portions. The Mexican food is NOT hot, more towards the bland rather than fiery. You have to ask for the hot salsa. But that's OK since my wife is allergic to capsacin.

    The more limited Spanish menu is good as well. I like the grilled sardine salad.

    There is also Crabby Al's on East Main St. Bar is good & laid back. Since it is winter, the Harley bikers won't be in attendance out front. It is not a biker bar however. The food is OK & varied - no bad things to say about it.

    Other than that, Thomaston does not have too much to offer. I wish it did.

    Is it my imagination or is the Black Rock's food is gone down a notch? I've had some dishes where the prep & execution left a little to be desired.

    If you want pizza - head up to Torrington to the Berkshire Cafe on Albert St. Good thicker crust (not Chicago ) pizza & it is a real bar too.

    Good hunting....

    1. Try Backstage in downtown Torrington next door to the Warner Theater on Main St.

      24 beers on tap + full bar, definitely the polar opposite of a dump but comfortable & casual, good burgers, sandwiches, apps & more. At lunchtime or mid-afternoon, you have your choice of seating & privacy.

      1. Another vote for Crabby Al's here. I think the food is pretty good, and the place has kind of a Cheers atmosphere -- local tavern with a long bar and friendly waitresses. We've been going there when we need a seafood fix, and have started to take relatives there when they're visiting. Prices are medium but portions are large.