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Jan 15, 2012 12:33 PM

Good sushi in St. Charles?

Any place in St. Charles to get good sushi? Doesn't seem to be a sushi kind of town.

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  1. I would say your best bet is to head to Chesterfield to Fin...its off Clarkson....Very good!!!

    1. St. Charles Patch readers said Sushi Ai in St. Charles or Sushi Sen in Lake Saint Louis are the best. I haven't tried either yet.

        1. re: LikestoEatout

          St. Charles is becoming a sushi-kind-of-town. I like Crazy Sushi in St. Peters at Mexico and Mid Rivers but I've been going most frequently to Sushi Ai on Zumbehl in the Bogey Hills Plaza. I was prepared to be disappointed as they have an "all you can eat" buffet but it's not really a buffet. You order off of a limited (yet fairly long) appetizer, nigri and roll menu for the "all you can eat" and for the lunch and dinner specials. The price is fantastic, service is excellent and everything, with the exception of one mackeral nigri, has been top notch. I don't think I'd call myself a sushi snob but it's easy to tell when ingrediants aren't fresh and/or there's been too heavy of a hand with saucing on rolls. Sushi Ai does it really, really well. I've not yet moved from the AYCE or specials menu but I've seen others order from the regular menu. Everything looks and smells wonderful.

          Crazy Sushi had been my go to for sushi but it's moved to number 2. I've been a fan for years. It's a little place, family-run and friendly. No complaints with Crazy Sushi at all! Menu is fairly extensive and they still have the best Miso Soup I've ever had.