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Jan 15, 2012 12:19 PM

Lotus Flower or Feng Shui for lunch buffet in MetroWest?

Long time fan of the Lotus Flower buffet, for choices and quality. Have only done Teppanyaki at Feng Shui, haven't tried the lunch buffet. Any opinions as to which might be better?

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  1. Lotus flower does a really nice sunday brunch/dimsum buffet. Feng Shui i find disgusting all around.

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    1. re: hargau

      This is for Monday. I've had 2 good experiences at Feng Shui for teppanyaki dinner

      1. re: L2k

        Im not a fan of the entire teppanyaki thing anywhere, so have not tried that. I have also not tried either buffet on a monday but id go with Lotus Flower give the choice of the two. My experience with Feng Shui is actually at a different one of their locations where i have tried their higher end weekend dinner buffet 4-5 times and always leave disappointed and say i wont be back. Which i wont be for real now..

    2. Lotus Flower is better. Also worthy of note is new Jin Gourmet Asian on Washington St. in Wellesley--same ownership as Bamboo in Dedham, which is the best of all buffet lunches.

      1. I've gone to the Feng Shui in Natick a couple of times for the weekend dim sum lunch buffet. Most recent was 2 months ago.
        The manager told me that the weekday buffet is more Americanized food but the weekend caters to the huge asian clientele that goes there for the buffet.

        While most of the dishes are good, the sushi is very popular. The dim sum is subpar to me.

        Last time there was told that they just hired a new dim sum chef.

        Still need to visit Lotus Flower to compare.