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Jan 15, 2012 11:35 AM

Fresh curry leaves and galangal at new Market Basket in Hooksett NH

They also had some interesting musroom varieties and coconut water in the shell. The place is mobbed on Saturday; go off-time!

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  1. I noticed that, too! I thought it was funny that they were calling galangal "Thai Ginger". I don't even know what to do with fresh curry leaves, but I bought some anyway. Just because.

    1. Well, darn it, I wasn't going to go back because the store is too large and the bargain swordfish kabobs are packaged. It's hard to find galangal. I don't think Saigon Asian market ever has it. The Concord Fort Eddy Rd store has had some of the interesting mushroom varieties. Crowdinghtepan, hope you report back what you do with the fresh curry leaves.

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        Saigon has frozen galangal, but not fresh. I found a Splendid Table recipe for basmati with saffron and fresh curry leaves. Lynne Rossetto Kasper knows whereof she speaks, so I'll start there.

      2. Wow...I would never have thought to even look for them there! Have a recipe for a shrimp indian curry I cant wait to make again!

        1. Unfortunately MB seems to have a "Grand Opening" package of cool stuff they send out to the new store, which then is never restocked. We had all sorts of neat stuff like oddball clams and soft shell crabs when ours opened but never since.

          Though I did notice the other day a new line of fresh chillies in the produce section which included the tiny little red thai ones! It will be interesting to see if they still have them when I need them.

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            The MB in Concord on Fort Eddy Rd seems to stock some exotic mushrooms only some of the time. Wonder if it's the same in Hookset. Last week in Concord I saw some hen of the woods. This week none.