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Jan 15, 2012 10:37 AM

Table 926

Anybody been? I spotted it driving by, and it looks inviting. The menus online look ok. There's a less than glowing write-up of it in the Restaurants Closed thread.

(Does anybody else have trouble remembering restaurants' names that contain numbers? I still call 910, 930.)

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  1. I'm curious about this too. I think the boyfriend and I are going to try it this weekend/next week. Will update accordingly...

    1. A bunch of us went last night. Short version: for PB, it's a step up in a neighborhoody, bistro-ish way. The interior is stylish and fun. It's loud like all new restaurants. I like the strange, blue lighting. (reminds me of JRDN.) The service was not bad. As far food, I wish the kitchen's execution matched the menu's promise. I would not drive cross town to eat here again, but since I live nearby, I'll wait and give it a second chance.

      Long version: Lots of things I don't see often on SD menus like parsnip bisque, pork cheeks, sweet potato gnocci, ox tail ragu. We had fun ordering. Sadly, my warm mushroom salad was too salty to eat. (Over salting was a problem in entire meal.) The gnocci were leaden. The brussels sprouts appetizer was a big bowl of nicely charred brussels sprouts, with no hit of anchovy as promised nor plating forethought. The bread was of poor quality, and the olive oil served with it was rancid on first round, and lackluster when replaced. The best app we all agreed was the parsnip soup, with tarragon oil.

      Again, in entrees, the execution was not quite there and salty. We liked the pork cheeks. For dessert, it was the same. Nice ideas, amateurish efforts. The bread pudding was dry chunks of bread in search of a purpose. We loved the idea of the banana split, but were disappointed when it arrived deconstructed and do-it-yourself. The persimmon tart was just a mess. No love in the desserts. (IMO, it takes a real chef to know that desserts matter to diners and can leave the final impression.)

      Finally, a very, very slim wine list, which is the vogue in San Francisco, one city on Chef Richman's CV. However, short lists must be brilliantly plotted to cover all bases. On 926's, there are too many 2010's for my taste (and vintages are not listed). We did enjoy the Farrier Presshouse 2009, and the glassware is quite nice.

      If I sound a bit harsh, forgive me. When parents invest in their chef son's first restaurant, I tend to be more critical than usual. Chef Richman's ideas are there, and maybe in a few more weeks, his execution will be as well. As a PBer, I'd love to see this place succeed.

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        Interesting -- when I went I found many dishes were underseasoned. Maybe different palates, maybe consistency issues.

        I agree -- I hope they tighten up the food because I'd like them to do well, but sounds like the concept is still more appealing than the execution.

      2. Wow the restaurant is a single table? I assume this idea came from Manhattan or LA.

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        1. Just back after reading in San Diego Magazine that it was rated the #3 restaurant in San Diego for 2012.

          Had the duck confit tacos which were exceptional along with the gourmet cheesburger that was perfectly cooked and delicious as well...nice farm to table restaurant for the North PB area with good specials during the week (i.e. Tuesday is 1/2 price wine and Wednesday is 1/2 off tap craft beer--I had a Sculpin IPA to go with my burger, followed by an Oskar Blues Pilsner following dinner)....excellent bread and olive oil also served with dinner...they had a couple of specials tonight, which vary, that included Colorado lamb chops and diver scallops....I was very pleased with the food, service, and value and will definitely return--will probably try the jidori chicken next time.

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          1. re: El Chevere

            Thanks for the update, I've only stopped by for wine but have had them on the "to try" list for much too long.

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              "No ranking here! Restaurants are listed in no particular order"

              ...that quote is from the same article. It is not the ranking it is just the top 10 restaurants numerically listed. It is not a ranking.

            2. Hate to be the Thanksgiving scrooge, but we were just there. By default. Our third visit. couldn't think of another place and friends wouldn't drive out of PB. The food was passable. Their specialty, pork cheeks, were like blobs of meat in an indeterminate sauce. The wine list passable. The server was overly bumptious, but passable. They have corrected things like the lighting that were jarring when they opened, so they are listening to diners. This place serves a need in PB. As a neighborhood spot, it's ok. But 3rd best restaurant in San Diego? I'll never understand this city. (And my friends and I still call it Table Whatever, because we can't remember the number.)

              but one good thing. The chef IS in the kitchen. He's there. Maybe that alone makes it #3.

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              1. re: pickypicky

                Well, as a food city, San Diego has a long way to go. However, I don't put stock in what San Diego Magazine readers/staff rate their restaurants any more than I do the U-T.

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                  Strike 3, yer out! Hey picky thanks for both reviews.