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Jan 15, 2012 08:34 AM

Looking for potato substitute for fried moong dal pakoras recipe... today.

I'm making this recipe today, but just don't feel like putting in potatoes... Nothing to do with carb adversity - just adverse to potatoes today for some reason...

Also... for the pakora experts, is the purpose of the potato in this recipe for flavour, as a binding ingredient, bulk ingredient or none of the above???

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  1. Sometimes I sub par-cooked cauliflower for "aloo" in pakoras.

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    1. re: pine time

      i was going to say cauliflower too. if not that how about something with beta carotene like yams or pumpkin?

    2. Thank you... Both great ideas... I'm going to check now and see which of your suggestions I have... Looking forward to tasting these... :)

      1. If you soak and cook large dried lima beans until some of the skins are splitting, you would not be able to tell them from cooked potatoes in a blind taste test. I use them for "fauxtato salad". If you want mashed potato consistency you need a ricer or food mill to get rid of the skins. Note that the dry beans are what would be sold canned as butter beans, NOT the smaller green limas you see frozen or in succotash. You could also try canned butter beans, drained, but the taste of can may be perceptible in the final dish.

        1. You do not need the potato at all. The ground dal will hold together on its own and can be used as a base for any additions that you want as long as they are not to wet. Chiffonade of spinach, shreds of onion, carrot, sweet potato, chilies, cooked chopped cauliflower, blanched broccoli, chopped clams or shrimp and or corn kernels could all be additions.
          It is basically a fritter batter and can be made with other dals as well.

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            Mmmm.... shrimp :)

            Thanks... I was wondering if the potato was necessary. When I first ground the dal, it had a sour smell and I was worried that the flavour was going to be the same, but it was incredible and delicate... Not sure that I could describe it though... By the way, just ate a bunch of them with a homemade cilantro chutney and tamarind/date chutney (next time would probably include a raita alongside the chutneys), and have to say that they were outstanding! I took the first suggestions and added sweet potato. Wow! Gave them a subtle hint of sweetness.

            Love your suggestions too and will definitely note them for next time. Corn sounds yummy - will have to figure out a good combo with corn... Would love to hear everyone's/your suggestions for great ingredient combinations to include next time...