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Jan 15, 2012 08:09 AM

Food Trucks

Does anyone know of any food trucks that would come to your house to cater a party. Had a pizza truck come for a party, but am looking for something new. Maybe some who does barbecue or mexican. Any suggestions welcomed

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  1. I beleve you can get the Guapo's Tacos truck (run by Garces) for private events.

    1. Los Taquitos de Puebla also has a taco truck available.

      1. Though you didn't want another pizza truck, note that Pitruco (the other pizza truck besides Nomad) also does private events, and the menu includes breads and antipasti in addition to pizzas.

        (Full disclosure: it's my truck; take my recommendations below with a grain of salt if you must!)

        In addition to the two taco trucks mentioned above, Honest Tom's taco truck is also available for parties, though he may be tied up right now opening his sit-down place.

        I'm betting you could also get the Smoke Truck (Mark Coates' awesome new BBQ truck) to do a private event.

        You might also consider the Lucky Old Souls truck--excellent burgers, fries and milkshakes, everything made in house (down to the ketchup & mustard).

        Finally, though they're not quite launched yet, the Strada Pasta truck will be available for private events--homemade lasagnas and pastas from a chef who trained in Italy.

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          Thank you for all of this information! I am also looking for a Food Truck...for my Wedding this September. Do you know of any Cheesesteak Trucks?

          1. re: rebabone

            Strangely enough, there isn't really a dedicated cheesesteak truck out there yet. Lil Dan's truck has cheesesteaks on the menu, and the Koja truck has their Korean version of a cheesesteak. Definitely worth looking into these options, but this is all that comes to mind...

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              Is Mike's by Drexel still around? I guess that was a cart though.

              1. re: barryg

                Chewys or Lil Dans both do good cheesesteaks!!!

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