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Valentines Day in Hallandale Beach

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Valentines Day in Hallandale Beach
Any favorite spots for a romantic dinner ?
Willing to drive 30 min

Thx in advance

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    1. cafe ragazzi. the fresh motzerella is something to write home about!

      1. cafe ragazzi, the fresh mozzarella is something to write home about!

        1. Il Mercato is great! Amazing food, amazing service, amazing value! We just dined there on Sat. eve and cannot wait to return!

          1. Timo, on A-1-A, in Sunny Isles Beach, about ten minutes south of Hallandale Beach Blvd, is consistently excellent -- great food, splendid service. A special place for any meal.

            1. Thx to all this is a great start for Valentines and for another evg as well

              1. I would head a little South and visit Bourbon Steak. I'm not a big fan of the $$ vday menus but if you are going to do one, this would be the one to do in the area.