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Jan 15, 2012 06:22 AM

Uncle Petey's Weenies and 2 others.......

I recently was to three hot dog joints that I haven't been to in awhile. Jerry's Famous Frankfurters in Elizabeth which is one of my very favorite places; Dees in Roselle Park, and Uncle Petey's Weenies in Colonia. I'm familiar with the first 2; I've only been to Uncle Petey's once 5 years ago and I wasn't impressed. Small 12 to a lb natural casing Sabrett's. These dogs were bland and had little snap from being in the water too long.

I decided to stop in again since it's close to my new route and also because I was told that they have a pretty good Italian Hot Dog, which I ordered. From speaking with the owner I found out that they now use 11/1 rather than 12/1. Although I didn't have a regular dog, they looked nice and hot when others ordered them. A definite improvement from 5 years ago. As for the Italian Hot Dog, it was much better than I anticipated. They use real pizza bread and fry the dogs (and other ingredients too) rather than boil them like they do the regular dogs. The bread comes from DiPaola's in Newark, who supplies Dickie Dees. It was excellent and very fresh. The peppers were good; both red and green, and were tangy/vinegary. The potatoes were outstanding. Thick slices that were golden brown and similar to Big Blues in Linden. Right up there with them, Jimmy Buff's, and Tommy's as far as quality potatoes on an Italian Hot Dog. Only thing I didn't care for were the dogs. 11/1 is too small for an Italian Hot Dog. I prefer 8/1 or even 10. And Best's franks are much better on an Italian Hot Dog than Sabrett. Overall a good sandwich. I had a double and it was a little smaller than most places but also less expensive. It was $5.50. Most others charge close to $8.00. I'll definitely stop there again.

Dees was great as usual. She serves a 10/1 natural casing Sabrett. Consistently good every time, her dogs are always piping hot and fresh. I also like that her dogs are bigger than the more common 11/1 and 12/1. In my opinion Dees is the best place for a dirty water Sabrett.

Jerry's may be the place I've gone to more than any other. Even Galloping Hill Inn which is down the street from where I live. Easily one of my favorites. So good I can eat 5 or 6. They serve an 8/1 Best's that is boiled first, then finished off in a steel compartment that is like a grill. It adds flavor and snap. Delicious dogs and a great value at $1.75 for an 8/1. A lot of places charge $2 and up for a tiny 12/1 Sabrett. Galloping Hill Inn serves a dog twice as big (6/1) for $2.50. Another good value My only criticism of Jerry's is that occasionally you will get a bun that is less than fresh.

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  1. Hey hotdoglover, as usual, nice report. I've been following your posts about the best hot dogs in Jersey for some time and found them to be spot on. As a result of one of your threads, I decided to get a dog at the Windmill in Long Branch by Seven Presidents park. Beautiful snap, hot off the griddle, good flavor, fresh toasted bun. Just what I craved. I don't know why I've been going to Max's all these years. Thanks for the tip.

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      Glad you enjoyed the Windmill. I live in North Jersey and there is one close to me in Westfield that I go to occasionally. I like Max's too. I go to both when I'm down that way. Max's uses Schickhaus, the Windmill uses a beef/pork dog from Sabrett.

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        I've got to say that I prefer the Windmill over Max's any day of the week. Max's over grills the dogs in my opinion and they often are tough as shoe leather. I stopped going there years ago.

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          Are you talking about the dogs, or Max?

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            I was to both a few weeks ago. Max's dog was prepared perfectly. The bun was a quality bun that didn't fall apart like the Windmill's. The dog I got at the Windmill could have used more time on the griddle as well as a better bun. They use cheap Wonderbread buns. Max's dog also had a little more flavor.

      2. Has anyone been to Out of This World lately?

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          It looked dark when i drove by at 3pm and on my way home at 830pm yesterday.

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            They are closed for the Winter and will open back up in March.

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              hotdoglover. Wondering if you could help me with some info for a veterans aide program i am working on. Pls email me if you are willing or Sorry to use an unrelated thread but was not sure of how else to reach you. Thanks

        2. I had an Italian Style hot dog from Uncle Petey's Weenies truck in Colonia last week. I thought it was very good. I confirmed with him if he had the "pizza bread" that they go on, and he did. I grew up in Newark, eating Jimmy Buffs hot dogs, sausage and remember potato sandwiches on Fridays, so I know what they should be like!!

          1. I'm familiar with most of the places you mention but where is Jerry's?

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              Elizabeth Ave. and 2nd Ave in Elizabeth.

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                Ahh, thanks. I was thinking of Tommy's in Elizabeth. Must be nearby.

            2. HDL.....In your opinion, who has the better dog,..regular and Italian, Uncle Petes or Marci's ??
              ...and where is Uncle Petes located ?.....Thanks

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                Uncle Petey's truck is located on St George's Ave in Colonia. Heading south, he's in a parking lot of ,I believe, an auto body place.

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                  Both have very good dogs. For Italian Pete's is good except that I prefer Best's on an Italian Hot Dog and he uses Sabrett's 11/1. Marci's uses bigger Best's. I prefer Marci's, but they are no longer offering them except as an occasional special.

                  For regular dogs, both are fresh and hot. Petey's is 11/1, Marci's 10/1. Marci's has a unique sauerkraut that is worth seeking out.