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Jan 15, 2012 05:50 AM

Citrus Sales in Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria?

Do you know of any annual citrus sales by local service clubs (Lion's, Kiwanis, Rotary and the like clubs) in Arlington, Falls Church or Alexandria? Where are they located and when?

If you happen to know, what do they offer and the prices?

I'm craving some good Ruby Reds.

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  1. I have seen the Lions at the Falls Church Saturday morning farmer's market taking orders and handling pickups. A quick check of the Lions website has another sale at the city property yard near Don Beyer Volvo next Friday/Saturday. Looks like they are selling oranges and grapefruit.

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      just saw this:
      The Arlington Host Lions Club will hold a winter citrus sale from Jan. 25 to 30 from 8 a.m. to dark each day at the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot, located at Lee Highway and North Glebe Road.
      Pink and white grapefruit, honeybells, juice oranges and tangerines will be among the items offered for sale. Proceeds will support Lions Club activities in the community.

      from the lions' website:

      Wed, Jan 25, 2012 thru Monday Jan 30, 2012


      TANGELOS $26/$14
      HAMLIN (JUICE) ORANGES $25/$13

      1. re: alkapal

        Did you go by the Lions yet? Wondering if they have lemons and calculating odds of skipping out of the office early to stock up....I am longing for a pink grapefruit or 12.

        1. re: tcamp

          i'm going to go to the one at wells fargo in arlington. it starts on january 25.

          i've never seen lemons at one of these types of citrus sales in all my years.

    2. LAST CALL: TODAY (SUNDAY) for the arlington lions' citrus sale. i got some fabulous tangerines (last box) and there are plenty of temple oranges, navels (i think), and absolutely candy-like juicy honeybells. alas, the grapefruits had sold out two days ago. ;-(. they also have maple syrup and a couple of other non-citrus items (though pecans were sold out). you'd probably get a really good deal on maple syrup, IF i had to guess.

      i always buy enough to give some away to friends, and it is perfect timing for chinese new year.

      today, sunday january 29 -- until 5 pm.
      @ glebe and lee hwy wells fargo pkg. lot (next to metro 29 diner).

      1. I was trying to remember how I'd found out about the Arlington Lions Club citrus sale, so I could say thanks -- I got myself on their email list a long time ago, and finally got to it in December. I may have originally read about it on this thread, so thought I'd update that their sale started today, through the weekend.

        I'd love to get a list of such sales together -- quick googling found ones in Annandale and Falls Church that I believe will be later in January or February. Does anybody know if there are any in DC proper?

        The fruit isn't as good as what I get from family backyards in California (!), but seems better, and better-priced, than anything I've found in a store around here.

        Here's info copied and pasted from their emails:

        "New Year Greetings from Arlington Host Lions!
        Our 2nd and last fruit sale of the season is scheduled for next week, Starting Thursday, Jan 16th. Daily, 8:00a till 5p until Sunday Jan 19 or sold out. Same spot, Wells Fargo Parking Lot, N Glebe Rd and Lee Hwy."

        "Here's the prices we have for our 2nd sale, 1/16/14-1/19/14:

        case 1/2 case bag
        Honey Tangerines: 25 / 15

        Navel Oranges: 35 / 20 / 12

        Pineapple Juice Oranges: 30 / 18 / 10

        Honey Bells: 45 / 25 / 15

        Red/White Grapefruit: 32 / 18 / 10

        Pecans, Peanuts, Honey, Syrup etc same prices as in Dec."

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        1. re: mselectra

          Thanks for the update. I wonder what a pineapple juice orange is.

          1. re: tcamp

            The guy there said pineapple oranges are actually hybrids of oranges and pineapples, sweet and the lowest acid, he claimed. I got a bunch of them, and I can't say I taste the pineapple (but I don't have the most discerning tastebuds), but they are good and very juicy. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't know....

            1. re: mselectra

              wow -- never heard of that one!

              thanks for the update.

              i did see the signs around on lee highway lately.

          2. re: mselectra

            I went SAT midday and got half a box of honey bells. Delicious and juicy. Grapefruit, sadly, were gone.

            1. re: tcamp

              Were your honeybells as large and sweet as in past years? If so, consider yourself fortunate. We're in Sarasota now and the reports are that groves throughout Florida are struggling with a virus called "greening." This causes the oranges to fail to ripen and those that do are smaller and less sweet than they should be.

              Now, I happen to like both apples and oranges more sweet-tart than sweet so I've continued to buy with no real problem. Still, if you've found a source whose groves are unaffected and they're still selling large sweet fruit, buy as much as you can!

              The honeybell orange I just finished eating was the size and close to the taste of a fabulous Clementine. It was juicy and I thought it tasted delicious -- certainly better than the Clementines I might buy in an area grocery store. However, it was not the honeybell of old.

              1. re: tcamp

                Those honeybells were insanely juicy! Too juicy to eat easily, couldn't peel them or section them, really. My first experience with honeybells, as far as I know. Indy -- they are definitely bigger than clementines, I'd say closer almost to baseball size. I did think a little too sweet for me. I don't know the source in Florida, though. Interesting and a shame about the virus.

                tcamp -- did you try the pineapple oranges?

                1. re: mselectra

                  Agree, they are seriously juicy. A delicious mess. I didn't try the pineapple oranges. They didn't look very impressive and I felt I had enough citrus to keep me busy for a while.

                  1. re: mselectra

                    Interesting experience today. There's no farmer's market on Tuesday in Sarasota and vicinity, but Yoder's market (on Bahia Vista) has a daily market and deli co-located with their restaurant. I shopped there today and my list included honeybells. There were two displays of honeybells: one from Florida groves and one from CA groves. The CA honeybells were about baseball size (not softball size), were bright orange, and were very sweet. The Sarasota honeybells stocked alongside were the size of Clementines and were strongly tinged green. I asked if the store routinely carried CA oranges or if they had begun to do so as a way to cope with the greening disease affecting the Florida oranges. The young employees didn't know the answer to my question.

                    After today's experience, I'm wondering if the fruit the Lion's Club is selling is from Florida or from CA considering the description you've given of your recent purchase.

                    1. re: Indy 67

                      They were from Florida, unless there is an elaborate, Lions-backed scheme to package in FL labeled boxes and lie about their origin.

                      Although the honeybells I bought were fairly large, the color is light orange with noticeable greening on the top half (northern hemisphere). I just happen to have one here on my desk awaiting lunch time.

                      1. re: Indy 67

                        It's dawned on me that I think what in Florida are called honeybells are what in California we call tangelos? But in the bag I got, there were only a couple that looked like tangelos to me, with the little knob at the stem end, and those were easier to peel as well. Although, they all got mixed up, so I don't really know. In any case, it was sure nice to have a taste of sunshine during this awful cold weather.

                        And it looks like there's going to be Annandale and Falls Church citrus sales coming up on a couple Saturdays in February and Fairfax in March. I'll try to find the exact info to post, but I did some easy googling to find them....