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Jan 15, 2012 05:26 AM

Opa, Greek for ?

In Phily I think Opa might come to mean good food in a quite interestingly designed small restaurant.

We were an early pre-theater party of four. The start, as in Leban's review, was a bit strange. In an empty restaurant the hostess chose to seat a couple with a very young child directly behind us with a result which exceeded our fears. The cute little one emitted high scary squeals, glasses shattered, regularly over the next hour. Ok, such is life but it did not make the meal more enjoyable.

Drinks and small plates to start. A martini on the rocks came in a glass filled, perhaps packed, with ice. What I could taste of the martini was good and the olives were quite nice. Both the waitress and the bar tender could do nothing but state they pour a portion. The next up martini was very good and proved my point as to portion, as it could not have fit into a glass filled, packed with ice. Oh well the second martini was a good remedy to the initial problem. The Greek bubbly was noted as being too sweet even having chosen the less sweet.

Meatballs and zucchini chips were excellent starters. Some of the tastiest soft textured meatball I have had anywhere. Orders were two of their special Greek burgers, a humus plate and the lamb chop. We both loved the burgers filled with feta, the humus plate was very tasty with pita and four humus choices. The lamb lover in the group said the chop was a good one nicely cooked. Not sure what or if anything special was done to the fried spuds but we both noted their goodness.

A warm friendly interesting spot with good food and reasonable prices near the Avenue of the Arts. If it has not be "discovered" it will be and should be! Shhhhhh!

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  1. We've been to Opa twice now and its a good pretheater spot. We always order wine or beer so the portion issue on mixed drinks has not come up for us.

    The atmosphere of the place is really cool but one problem I noticed is that if you sit facing the street you are constantly blinded by headlights of cars exiting the parking garage. It would be better to sit at one of the side facing tables way in the back. interestingly when we last were there, we arrived for an early dinner in a nearly empty restaurant on a cold day the waitress offered to seat us right next to the window she didn't seem to get that the window in the front of the restaurant would be a cold drafty place.

    Like you, we really liked the food and it is reasonably priced. The burger filled with feta is exceptional. On a previous visit had the lamb special which was excellent. Some of the apps are good liked the hummus; the calamari was amazing on first visit but on second visit seemed to lack the salty spicy flavor I had enjoyed previously. The lamb sliders were ok but somewhat bland also lacking salt.