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Jan 14, 2012 08:34 PM

What do You Like to Fix When You Get the Munchies?

It's late, your last meal was hours ago, you want to relax with a "little something" to nosh on. You go into the kitchen & put together a little bit of heaven.

Share with us that yummy "something".

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  1. Nachos. Cheesy, spicy, lots of olives and sour cream, not too much salsa.

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    1. re: CCSPRINGS

      In a similar vein, quesadillas are my thing. I almost always have cheese and tortillas and that + any appropriate-seeming leftovers=awesome. Leftover homemade beans, sauteed vegetables, canned chipotles en adobo sauce, etc. Served with plenty of salsa and sour cream if it's in the house.

      1. re: Lady_Tenar

        In a true munchie attack emergency quesadillas are faster. I agree they are outstanding in a time of hunger.

      2. re: CCSPRINGS

        Have to agree. My all time go-to snack, long as I have it in the house. I'd be curious tho...what cheese preference do we nacho-heads like? Personally, I prefer Jack, pepper-Jack, or a mix...Jack and cheddar, or whatever is in the house. Mozzarella doesn't have enough flavor to stand up to the other ingredients.

        1. re: njmarshall55

          Nachos...prefer plain 'ol hoop cheese or rat cheese or just sometimes called yellow half moon cheese...all the same, just different names. I make a giant nacho by cutting a yellow corn tortilla (purchased) in half...I. just like to fry 2 halves instead of one whole one. Look for the thin ones, thickness will vary by brand name. Fry in HOT veggie oil or peanut oil on both sides till crispy. Drain on a paper towel. Slather a layer of refried beans on one half. At this point you can add some fried hamburger meat on top of the beans, but I am too lazy to make some meat. Shred some rat cheese & sprinkle all over. Add some sliced pickled Jalapenos all around. & then some finely chopped onion. Put on a small tin pan & bake at about 400 preheated oven till cheese is melted. Can add a dollop of sliced avocado or guacamole if you have it on hand.

          I keep a can of pinto beans on hand when I am out of fresh pintos. I proceed to doctor them up by doing the following;
          Get a small pot out & pour in enough oil (not olive) to cover the bottom of the pot. Add some finely chopped onions in there & let saute. Go empty the pinto beans into a colander & drain & wash all that goopy stuff off the beans. When the onions are soft, add the pintoes & have heat pretty high & let them get real hot. Get out the potato masher & start mashing them, if too dry add more oil or butter. If still too dry, add a little water until they start turning creamy. Add garlic & salt & pepper to taste. Not as good as homemade pintos, but they work when you get the munchies for a nacho late at night. Just buy the cheapest plain canned are going to wash all the stuff off them anyway.

          I make up a Mexican mix that I add a pinch or two in any Mexican dish I am fixing (including the beans I just described. Here it is if you want to make takes on a different taste in different dishes,,,just brings out that Tex Mex taste that dishes have.

          3 Tablespoon course ground pepper
          2 Tablespoons salt
          3 Tablespoons granulated garlic (not garlic salt)
          3 Tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons ground cumin
          Mix all together & keep in a little jar

          Add to caldo, fried hamburger meat, Mexican rice, hot sauces & a thousand other things...just add a little & then taste to see how much you want to kick it up.

          I shared with you these things since Tex Mex food is such a great way to fix something fast & tasty. If you have a corn or flour tortilla, you can make so many things quick munchies. That's it for now....just got carried away.

          1. re: txmafia

            O.K., I'll bite...What is "rat cheese"?

            1. re: sandylc

              I think it is the plain white firm cheese sold in Latin markets. Just guessing.

              1. re: sandylc

                Dear, those names I called rat cheese are all one & the same thing...but anyway, I am sure you have seen it in the deli or maybe butcher shop. It is a big round hunk of cheese that they cut off for you. It is bright yellow. Looks like cheddar cheese, oh yes, it is also sometimes called Colby cheese.

                Farmers always had some on hand & they would bait the rat traps with it, hence the name. Hope this helps...

                1. re: txmafia

                  Oh! Longhorn Colby! I LOVED that growing up. It had a nice tang to it back then. Now when I find it, it is waxy and tasteless. Probably the part of the country I live in now.

                  1. re: sandylc

                    Yes, a lot of it is now tasting fact so many foods have changed...really sad. Sorry I took a zillion words to describe that cheese.. if I would have said that in the beginning, you would have know right then what I was talking about.

            2. re: njmarshall55

              I love cheddar because it is so tasty. Pepper jack makes super tasty nachos. I love mozzarella because it is good to snack on during prep and it melts so well. I know it is a bit bland but the hot sauce fixes that right up. Having jalapenos is essential. Usually use plain yogurt instead of sour cream.

          2. White rice mixed with equal parts butter and soy sauce. Mmmm.

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            1. re: Becca Porter

              Oh, becca, this is my all time go to comfort food! From when i was a kid even! Yummy.

              1. re: Becca Porter

                Butter and soy sauce go great together - I once had panko-breaded salmon sticks with pickled ginger and soy/butter dipping sauce - this meal broke all the the "rules" but it was delish!

              2. A few months ago I started on the Quaker mini rice cakes, salt & pepper flavor, sometimes with dip or salsa sometimes just plain, I'm really hooked on the damn things now and I need to start cutting back.

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                1. re: mrbigshotno.1

                  I like the caramel ones with Peanut Butter.........way dangerous!

                  1. re: jenscats5

                    while this is probably my favorite combo, im also a big fan of any of the salty ones (especially the little ranch ones) with cheddar melted over the top. mmmmm

                2. Peanut butter from the jar with celery or carrots. Popcorn with even parts salt and sugar. That was breakfast this morning.

                  1. Apple and peanut butter. Or just peanut butter with a spoon.