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Jan 14, 2012 08:14 PM

20somethings birthday

hi all it's my birthday in about 2 weeks, and i need to reserve for 8 people or so, we're all in our early 20s and university students.
i'd like to get an opinion on the following restaurants based on bang for your buck as well as the odds of me getting a table for that many people if i book soon. the restaurants im considering are the following.
2) Lemeac (not after 10)
3)Caffe della posta
4) l'atelier

which would be my best bet, and if you have any other suggestions feel free to share

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  1. you might also consider

    It has two rooms and I have seen birthday parties in the room without the bar, les formal than Lemeac but cute place; you can order just the pintxos or get regular menu which is also good

    Philinos (greek) on parc is nice place, they used to have special deal for birthday person and with a group you might be able to negotiate this,, provided of course you like that kind of food. They have large seafood or meat platters which can be shared with many or you can order regular main dishes.

    then there is mythos which is fun and has band

    I guess i am giving you some other options as some of your choices seem more for an older crowd; although I dont know anything about l'atelier

    I dont expect you would have problems getting reservations at any of these restaurants at this point--they need business at this time of year

    1. ...To me, L'express and Lemeac don't seen to be the best choices for early 20s students. Caffe della posta is a very small restaurant, but it would be the best bet...

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        just another thought , if you want something different and can spend 59$ for the meal which covers admission charge, maybe snowvillage.....

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          I agree that L'Express and Lemeac is probably not the most ideal place for a 20-something birthday and I say this because I find the crowd a bit older...and maybe a bit more formal.

          I would recommend Kaza Maza for Syrian in the Mile End or even Burgundy Lion in St. Henri (a pub with a fun but still refined atmosphere and good food).As mangoannie mentioned, I also like Phillinos for more upscale Greek in the Mile End.

        2. Personall, Caffe della posta is very hit and miss depending if the main chef is in the kitchen or not,

          if you are looking for good trendy italian, i would suggest bottega for one of the best pizza in montreal, and the atmosphere can be pretty good.