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Need Help for One Night Out

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Once a year, an old work buddy and I (both mid 40's) enjoy a decadent night out. In the past we have been to: Splendido, Nota Bene, Opus, Nyood, Colborne Lane, Provence, Scarpetta, Il Mulino. Both of us have large appetities and cost is irrelevant. I love Harbord room so that is an option. Also thinking about Antari, Enoteca Sociale, Campagnola, Ici....but could use some direction. Probably leaning towards, Steak house, Bistro, or Italian...but open to all suggestions...please help.

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  1. How about Jacob's, Woodlot or Mistura?

    1. Jacob & Co for steak - totally decadent boys' night out :)

      <<< not a boy :)

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        Second this my fav steak in the city hands down.

        1. re: justsayn

          Only if you feel 500% markup on wine is fair.

          1. re: TexSquared

            Tex is right! Back about 4 or 5 years ago they gouged on their wine pricing. Fortunately that was a long, long time ago! Now and for the past 3 or so years, they are not only offering a great wine selection (not as good as Barberians of course) but the prices are in the same range as any other fine resto like Jacobs for instance. They also serve hands down the best USDA Prime steaks in Toronto, with perfect preparation. If you want Waygu go to Jacobs and it will cost ya! If you want the best USDA go to Harbor because it is truly the very best. And great bacon strips at the bar while you chat up the bar staff ; )

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              I was so happy to hear they brought the bacon strips back! For a while, they were missing at the bar.

        2. Why don't you work your way through the Beast menu as shared plates? I would double up on the meat selections though, the 'poutine' is too good to share! Make sure you save some room for the sticky toffee pudding.

          1. Centro has bounced back after a lean spell. Worth considering.

            And George has been good recently too.

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              I agree with Centro. I've had dinner there twice in the last 6 months (or so). Solid.

            2. Read this thread if you were even considering Harbour Sixty:


              Agree with the last 2 posts in here. Centro is worth a visit.

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                  Never. I do not dine at restaurants that charge 500% markup on wine.

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                      2 years ago. I went several times when it had its original decor (while Thuet was at the helm) and then again 2 years ago, after the renovation. It was an impressive change.

                    2. re: TexSquared

                      Thanks for clarifying. Now I understand why you hate Harbour so much - you have never been there. : )

                      In case you are thinking of going, rest assured the wine list is nowhere near a 500% mark up now! Back in the day when money flowed, they heavily benefited! About 3 years ago, they fully renovated to a beautiful new interior (using the wine profits I suppose) and they significantly lowered the wine prices.

                      The steaks are still the best in its category. If you are looking for Waygu, then your answer is Jacobs but you will end up spending more than at Harbour.

                2. I am surprised no one mentions Scaramouche. IMO, very good, very professional.

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                    Thanks everybody for al the opionions. Been to H-60 baout 1/2 dozen times over the years, and always left somewhat disaponted. Scamouche is not right as I'm looking to bring up the average age...not down. Want to go somewhere newish,and hipper...that's why I was thinking, Ici, Campagnola, Enotica Sociiale, Woodlot, or even Harbord Room, whcih I always enjoy. Maybe Acadia, Ortolan, or Enoteca Ascari...please help!!

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                      Order the whole beast dinner from Beast. You specify the type of animal you want, and the chef puts together a tasting menu using that animal for all the courses. Given that it's a custom menu every time, I imagine you could specify a nice high price range and get a more luxurious menu. Scott Vivian is the chef -- formerly of JK Wine Bar.

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                        I had dinner at Campagnolo with some meat loving men. We had the tasting menu for $50 a head and we were all well fed and very happy. The food and service were fantastic. The burrata was the stand out, bone marrow was good but I can't handle that much fat. The tasting menu is nice because you don't have to make any decisions and the food just keeps coming so the conversation can flow.