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Jan 14, 2012 06:09 PM

Where can I find Noisella?

not Nutella.

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  1. I'm not sure, but Rigoni di Asiago Nocciolata is my favorite and I usually stock up on bottles at Shaw's in Burlington or the market in St. Alban's and smuggle them back across the border. I wish there was a place that stocked them in town! I should harass the guys at Les Doulceurs. I think I've seen organic brands like Nocella around before.

    1. What's the difference? Is it full of palm oil also or with better ingredients? How does taste compare to the evil brand nutella?

      1. Not sure if they carry that exact kind, but the Italian Pantry on Monkland has different brands of gianduja.

        1. Spanky, are you looking for the Le Pain Quotidien brand Noisella? I've never seen it in town, but your best bet is probably Gourmet Laurier. If any place in town carried the stuff, it would be them.

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          1. re: SnackHappy

            Yup = pain quotidien.
            It is a gift for someone that likes it, so it has to be that one.
            I will try Laurier..