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Jan 14, 2012 06:03 PM

Request advice for a christmas gift black truffle

I received a single black truffle as a Christmas gift, and I'm seeking advice of what to do with it just for me.

My initial plan is scrambled egg with truffle, to make sure that I'm getting the "pure" flavor in a traditional setting.

But even there I could use some advise from experienced chow-hounders.

(1) should I shave the truffle or grate it with a microplaner?
(2) should I scramble the eggs and then add the truffle at the end?
(3) or should I mix up the truffle and eggs and then cook?
(4) should I scramble the eggs in a double boiler type set up, or in a very low heat frying pay?
(5) can i do this with (say) 3-4 eggs (just for me with a bite or two for my wife), or do I need to follow recipes that start with (say) 8 eggs (and invite others)?
(6) How much -- and when and how -- butter should be added and is butter quality critical (land o lakes ok, or should I seek out french/irish/vermont special butter)?

Finally (I suppose I'm willing to listen to advice on this)
(7) Should I really use the truffles for some other use (risotto?) rather than just simple plain eggs?

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  1. How big is the truffle? If it's a decent size, you won't need the whole thing for one serving of scrambled eggs. I would probably use no more than a 1/4 oz on one serving of eggs, maybe less.

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    1. re: biondanonima

      The weight was torn off with the price (it was a gift). But it's about the size of an irregularly shaped golf ball.

    2. What sort of truffle is it? Is it fresh or in a jar?

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      1. re: Peg

        It is fresh, wrapped in paper. The box says "Perigord Black Truffle" and I think it's from France.

        1. re: howardl

          You'll find some ideas on this thread that I began about white Alba truffles; one thing is for certain: You need to use that truffle asap, as the flavor will deteriorate.

          As for hailing from France, this 60 MInutes story says it may not be so: