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Jan 14, 2012 06:00 PM

Chinese Restaurants in Madison, WI

What are the best Chinese restaurants in Madison? In the past few years, it seems that there have been some good places opening up.

My top three (not in order) are Lee's Garden (Mineral Pt/Gammon, Madison), Ichiban (Park St, Madison) and Fugu (State St. Ish).

Lee's Garden has a totally depressing atmosphere (think "Saturday night taking out my
elderly parents for our weekly Chinese dinner" vibe). But ask for the English/Chinese menu (instead of the English-only menu) and there are some great dishes. My favs: shrimp/scallops in birds nest, walnut prawns, and green beans. The clay pot dishes are good. Also, the photos on the front of the restaurant do actually highlight the good stuff. The eggrolls look scary to me (haven't tried them) but its a good mix of cantonese and sichuan. The end the meal with red bean soup (for dessert) which I love!

Fugu is good. The international students who come to UW seem to find it.

Ichiban has great hotpot. And their spicy food is deliciously spicy. Most everything on the menus is good. Their 3 cup chicken is amazing! But go with a few friends, there's a lot on the menu to try.

Honorable mentions: Hong Kong Wok (Hilldale) and Dumpling Haus (Hilldale), and Wah Kee (Williamson, Madison).

Has anyone been to Imperial Garden (University, Middleton)?
Is there any decent dim sum (that isn't frozen)?

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  1. Just wanted to add a new find. Orient House on Park St. I highly recommend ordering from the Chinese menu (versus the American side--both are in English). The green beans are amazing. The walnut prawns pretty good. The eggplant very nice. The menus seems to be a mix of Cantonese and Sichuan.

    Ambiance is uninspiring and mostly clean.