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Jan 14, 2012 05:17 PM

Edit bug - text runs together

I can't find the post where I reported this a few months back. At that time it happened occasionally ... maybe once every 100 posts.

Since the new installation it has been happening 1 in 10 posts and often more.

Here's one post where it is happening

When I pull it up in edit this is what I see

If there's a sign on the wall saying 'we serve free range children' parents might make sure the kids stay at the table. This restaurant just opened in the old Thep Naree. I was going to give it a try, but Thai isn't a favorite cuisine of mine, they are closed Sunday, and nothing on the menu is jumping out at me other than the kids menu with kid fried rice on it. The crab rangoon seemed interesting until I read the description "Crispy imitation crabmeat blended with cream cheese and celery wrapped in wanton skins, served with sweet & sour sauce.:" While wanton skins might be something, imitation crab ... not so much. There are a few respectible enough yelp reviews. There seem to be daily specials. A few out of the ordinary options - Apple salad - Sliced green apple with fresh shrimp, chicken slice, crisp red onions, red bell pepper, chili paste, in our special Thai salad dressing. - Apple Pla - Grilled salmon with sliced green apple, red onions, Thai chili and lemongrass in lime dressing - Jungle curry - Avocado, bamboo shoot, red & green bell peppers, snow peas, green bean, broccoli and basil leaves in red curry sauce. - Iced lemongrass juice There are rules about the ice in drinks - (Thai Ice Tea and Iced Lemongrass Juice with no ice charged more $1.00, less ice $0.75) 'Agaligo' means 'Timeless', Anyway, I'm no Thai expert so I thought i'd ask.

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  1. I'm experiencing the same problem in the last day or so. IIRC, it's happened both on a PC running internet explorer and a MAC running Chrome.

    All paragraphs and line breaks gone.

    Happened on my most recent post on the following thread:

    Did not happen when I went to edit the link into this thread.

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    1. re: cowboyardee

      This is a known-issue on Internet Explorer, but I'm a little worried if you're seeing it in Chrome, regardless of operating system. How certain are you that it happened on your mac?

      As for the bug itself, IE has been especially uncooperative with line breaks in post editing- that browser seems to insist on either too many (ie, the re-doubling line breaks from some months back), or none at all.

      We've not forgotten about this issue, but unless something new comes to light we are not expecting any immediate progress. The workaround (barring cowboyardee's report) is to edit posts in a browser other than Internet Explorer.

      Our apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and patience.

      1. re: Engineering

        "How certain are you that it happened on your mac?"
        not 100%

        I mostly use chrome, so ill be on the lookout for it to happen (again?)

        1. re: cowboyardee

          Many thanks. The problem, as we understand it, should never appear outside of IE. If it does, then something is going exceptionally awry.