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Jan 14, 2012 04:39 PM

Law & Order at JM Curley

Just came across the "Law & Order" page of JM Curley's website. This new Downtown crossing restaurant has quickly become an industry spot for drinking and dining, and this must have something to do with it.

As a former restaurant server and bartender I appreciate this toungue and cheek approach to customer service, and it shows the people who run this restuaurant really "Get it" from a server's perspective. Curious to see what non-industry folk think. Is it refreshing and funny? Or off putting to some?

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  1. I agree: it's very funny and cheeky. It also makes more sense when you know that the GM is Patrick Maguire, the man behind the Server Not Server blog , which is all about civility in public life, notably in restaurant and bar scenarios.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      ...just to clarify, Patrick isn't the GM.

    2. I'm non-industry, but for sure prefer getting my drink on in the company of people who would observe such "rules".

      1. Their bottom line is, "Don't be a d-bag", which I'm really okay with.

        1. Refreshing and funny. By a mile.

          "It's food and drink. Not life and death.": how can that anything other than refreshing?

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          1. Cute with the L & O.

            I've walked by the place many times through the construction and opening. I'm guessing the food will be good. This is the "comfort food" spot that I mentioned in another post; opened by Babak Bina.

            Should be a nice addition to the neighborhood.