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Law & Order at JM Curley

Just came across the "Law & Order" page of JM Curley's website. This new Downtown crossing restaurant has quickly become an industry spot for drinking and dining, and this must have something to do with it.


As a former restaurant server and bartender I appreciate this toungue and cheek approach to customer service, and it shows the people who run this restuaurant really "Get it" from a server's perspective. Curious to see what non-industry folk think. Is it refreshing and funny? Or off putting to some?

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  1. I agree: it's very funny and cheeky. It also makes more sense when you know that the GM is Patrick Maguire, the man behind the Server Not Server blog http://www.servernotservant.com/ , which is all about civility in public life, notably in restaurant and bar scenarios.


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      ...just to clarify, Patrick isn't the GM.

    2. I'm non-industry, but for sure prefer getting my drink on in the company of people who would observe such "rules".

      1. Their bottom line is, "Don't be a d-bag", which I'm really okay with.


        1. Refreshing and funny. By a mile.

          "It's food and drink. Not life and death.": how can that anything other than refreshing?

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          1. Cute with the L & O.

            I've walked by the place many times through the construction and opening. I'm guessing the food will be good. This is the "comfort food" spot that I mentioned in another post; opened by Babak Bina.

            Should be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

            1. I also found the way they organized the beer list amusing.

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                A couple of the beers are way overpriced to the point where I wonder if its a typo. $12 for draft Sculpin IPA or $14 for 12oz of Sixth Glass is about double what they should be.

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                  I didn't really look at the prices. I've gotten to the point where I don't really pay much attention to beer prices at all anyways. Either I want something or I don't, and a buck or two isn't going to sway my opinion.

                  That does sound off though, who knows. Maybe they're bombers?

              2. I think all the stuff written on that page is true and good for people to know, and I agree with most of it, but it's off-putting to say the least. I don't need a restaurant webpage to teach me a lesson in manners. Even if it was meant to be funny to insiders only, or tongue-in-cheek to everyone, or (more likely) just a WYSIWYG kind of explanation of their attitude towards service and the relationship between restaurant and customer in general, whether intended or not, it makes it seem like the management has a chip on their shoulder, and that they believe all customers to be petulant, big douchebaggy babies who can be expected to behave like assholes until proven otherwise, and not the other way around. For their sake, I hope they don't lose more than a few decent, well-paying, well-tipping, non-asshole customers who are similarly put off by it.

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                  Aw, really? Isn't it pretty apparent that it's genuinely tongue-in-cheek? At least by the third tenet: "No loud shrieking..." it seems they just mean to have fun.

                2. It is amusing, but it tempts me to go in and yell "Oi! Garcon! Garcon!!" when I don't get my water right away. Ha ha.

                  1. I find it amusing and I appreciate it frankly. As someone who has been called "Chief" or "Boss" or something similar too many times in my life already, I like the attempt by the place to diffuse that behavior in a toungue in cheek manner. Is the "Law & Order" page really offensive to anyone? If it is, I wouldn't know what to tell you anyway. And if you are a person that acts that way while out, there may not be hope for you as it is...

                    I think it reaches the right audience and I am assuming the audience they intend to reach.

                    That said, I had a burger at JM Curley last night and really liked it. It was topped with kimchi, a fried egg and sriracha mayo. How could you go wrong?

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                      I like the lunch burger: a 5-oz flat-topper with nicely caramelized onions, cheddar, and Russian dressing on a pretty good roll. Haven't tried the dinner burger, which is 9 oz and grilled. Their fries are very good, too.