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Jan 14, 2012 04:14 PM

Golda in Boynton Beach, FL

Headed down to this area in FL shortly, Anyone know anything about Gold'a in Boynton Beach? There is no listing in the SHAMASH.ORG database.

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  1. We ate there tonight and the place was very busy. It has a casual family atmosphere. Service was friendly and accomodating but a bit unpolished. We ordered a sampler platter for appetizers, and ribeye steak, kufta burgers, and lemon tilapia for the entree.

    Complimentary appetizers included small portions of several salatim, and pita. These were ok -- nothing too special. Felafel on the sampler platter was delicious, herby and crisp. The cigars and potato buerekas were oily and just ok, though clearly freshly made. We saw many people ordering a sweet and sour cauliflower appetizer that we want to try next time.

    The ribeye was thin and cooked a little more rare than ordered but absolutely delcious and tender. The tilapia had a delicious lemon sauce but the fish itself had a strong flavor as if it had been frozen. I did not taste the kufta but the portion was generous and enjoyed by my MIL. Mashed potatoes were fresh and a great chunky texture, and brocoli was also fresh though plain.

    With prices significantly less than Grill time, we will try this restaurant again and see it as a fine place to bring the kids. It had a relaxed feel and we were not rushed. Oh, and refills on sodas appeared to be complimentary. Overall a pleasant visit and if they can get the food consistency up a bit, might be added to our favorites list!