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Jan 14, 2012 04:11 PM

How to make my cupcakes flat?

Hi. I need to make a bunch of cupcakes, using cake mix, but my wish is that they be flattish on top rather than have nice crowns. I don't want to have to cut the crowns off, but just have them not rise too much. Ideas?

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  1. I'm assuming that you want the flat top to allow the icing to stay contained within the liners? If so then just reduce the amount of batter so that when the cupcake rises as it bakes it will be below the top of the liner.

    1. Fill the cups no more than two-thirds with batter, and they should not rise much above the papers and be relatively flat. I've seen so many threads wondering how to get nice, high crowns and I think of domed tops as more of a muffin characteristic than a cupcake one.

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      1. I've increased the oven temp slightly (about 25*) to make more rounded tops, so it stands to reason that lowering the temp slightly would make them flatter. If nothing else it may be worth it to try the first batch that way.

        A WAY more expensive solution (which wouldn't work if you already have the mixes) is to use gluten-free mix. I haven't had much rising at all with those.

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          Agreed on lowering the temp 25 degrees. Cupcakes tops round off when the top sets faster than the inside - and the raw inside pushes up on the top as the inside continues to grow and set. You'll need to add a few more minutes for baking, of course.

        2. When I moved into my house, I had people over and couldn't find my cupcake sheet. So I got those foil cupcake liners, stood them up on a cookie sheet, and baked them that way. The batter, when it cooked, spread OUT instead of up, so I had flying saucer cupcakes.

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          1. I always add more flour to cake mixes, like maybe a quarter cup or a third cup. I don't like the fluffiness of the mixes.

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              i think we all were assuming the op is making cupcakes from scratch?

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                From OP's post: "I need to make a bunch of cupcakes, using cake mix"

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                  so much for me paying any attention to anything, lol.