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Jan 14, 2012 03:43 PM

Eats in and around Julian?

We're doing one of our long-weekend excursions, this time down to Julian. I notice that Jeremy's gets mixed marks, and appears to be up around the fine-dining category, so unless anyone has a horror story (and we believe it) we'll likely check that out. Some apple pie is probably inevitable - we always seem to go places that have some famous pie, like Linn's in Cambria - but I'm more interested in good diner food, and other ethnic or non-ethnic options. Where can I get a good burger and a glass of wine? How about a good breakfast? Anyplace there that has veggie options? We'll be going down there on 2-4 and returning 2-7, in case there are seasonal closings anyone knows about.

All suggestions gratefully received!

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  1. The small cafe at Cuyamaca Lake has good pie, homemade chili, and good bratwurst. It's very casual and diner-ish with interesting locals and atmosphere.

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    1. re: Dagney

      Agreed with the Cuyamaca Lake cafe. Had a great "Austrian Breakfast" there a few weeks ago. View is nice, too. I suspect they'd make an excellend burger.

    2. Hey Will..
      Jeremy's on the Hill is a wonderful little place for lunch or dinner..decent wine list and a great burger!
      Romano's for Italian is pretty good in the heart of Julian..
      Dudleys bakery is very popular...Mom's for the pie.
      Santa Ysabel Casino has a great special in the bar with a beer for under $5..usually prime rib..gorgeous drive on top of a mountain..can play the penny slots too.. ; )
      Some great little wineries up in Julian/Wynola..
      Have a great time and report back!

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        I would second Jeremy's. It is our "go to" place in the Julian area.

      2. A very rustic little restaurant on Mt. Laguna's Sunrise Hwy, formerly called The Eagle and the Bear, changed hands recently. The new name escapes me. Pine something I think. Open on weekends only for breakfast , lunch and dinner. Had a surprisingly good blackened burger there recently. Constantly changing menu with interesting selections.

        1. Hey Will, are you going to be driving an Alfa up to Julian? Great roads from I-15 up the mountain.

          IMHO, the best pie is at the Julian Pie Company.

          Jeremy's seems like the best place to go for a "quality" meal. If you are interested in visiting a local winery in Julian, I highly recommend Menghini Winery just west of town. The San Diego Alfa Club goes up annually for the Grape Stomp and the winery always does a great job with their wine and the festival.

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          1. re: araknd

            I wish I were taking an Alfa, but the Forester is our long-distance car, especially if we're likely to be bringing any edible souvenirs home - it's got a thermoelectric cooler riding in the back! We brought two pies from Linn's back from our last Cambria trip. It's also as agile in the mountains as either Alfa, but with Mrs. O riding shotgun we don't play quite as hard … !

            Thanks for the winery rec. Our last wine-connected trip down south was to Temecula, with decidedly mixed results. At least the food was mostly good.

            1. re: Will Owen

              If you get to Temecula again, check out Joe Hart's Hart Family Winery. Joe is a long time Alfisti and does some fine reds.

              1. re: araknd

                That was my favorite, as I recall.

          2. Wondering if there was anything new for Julian. Will be there next weekend. I'm Gluten Free, so any options for this would be great! Anyone know of GF pies in Julian? Will definitely stop by the Julian Bakery for their GF bread.