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Jan 14, 2012 03:20 PM

Help, need gluten free dessert ideas

We have a guest coming for lunch tomorrow who has a gluten allergy. Any ideas of what I can serve would be greatly appreciated (I won't have time to shop but could quickly pick up a last minute item if the recipe is VERY simple). Thanks.

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  1. Any ideas of flavors your guest likes?
    If you serve something /specifically/ gluten-free that might make them feel a bit uncomfortable (for the effort they put you through), so I'd recommend making something naturally gluten-free. Perhaps flourless chocolate cake, meringues, macarons if you're able to or macaroons, uhh, some type of pudding or custard is also an option. It's a bit difficult without knowing what you're able to bake or what they would like.

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      This is a very good point (not making her feel like she gave me extra work).

    2. so many good options! flourless chocolate cakes, meringues, anything using fruit, ice cream, caramels... rice pudding and gelatins are always options...

      1. look up passover dessert options - on passover, flour isn't used, so you'll find lots of ideas for flourless tortes, cakes, cookies, and meringues.

        1. pavlova. cheesecake with a nut crust. fruit crisp with oat topping.

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            Careful on the oats. Many (most, really) are processed on equipment that also processes wheat. If the OP goes the crisp route, be sure to read labels or just look for a package that states on it clearly that the oats are gluten free. Bob's Red Mill is a widely available option.

          2. was going to recommend pavlova or floating islands as well.
            also, a hazelnut or almond dacquoise with a ricotta filling or a buttercream...

            since it's lunch, you could also go lighter with some roasted or grilled fruits with creme anglaise

            you can also do crepes with rice flour, and whatever filling/sauce you'd like.

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              Thanks so much for the ideas. I will be cooking for this lady again, so I will keep all of these in mind. I couldn't get to the store so I eventually went with a VERY simple "Blueberry Fool" (??) Presented it in lovely oversize wine glasses and they thought it was terrific! To be honest, I was not too impressed but everyone was stuffed from the main meal anyway :)