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Jan 14, 2012 02:44 PM

Hey Chicago, it's your birthday. . . where would you eat your "perfect" birthday lunch and dinner?

We visit Chicago so frequently that we dine out in Chicago far more than we do in Toronto. We've dined at almost all the Michelin starred restaurants and, had some of the best breakfasts, lunches and casual dinners we've ever eaten all in Chicago. When it came to this special birthday, it was a no brainer....Chicago it must be! But the hardest part is deciding where to eat.

If it were your birthday, where would you be dining?

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  1. I am having my birthday dinner at MK.

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    1. re: igorm

      My last visit to MK was only ok. I prefer Naha for similar style or North Pond with it's beautiful location but my first choice would be the Girl and the Goat just because the food is so good and so interesting and the place is fun. I also really love gastropubs like The Publican and The Bristol, especially if brunch is in the mix.

      1. re: chicgail

        The only reason I didn't pick the Girl and the Goat is because it is too casual and I like the ambiance at MK.

    2. For my husband's birthday last November, we celebrated with a party of 8 at Girl & The Goat (booked months in advance for a lovely 8:30pm Sat table). It was a very enjoyable evening and great for a party of that size.
      For my birthday (coming up in February) we'll celebrate with one other couple at Sepia. The ambience is more what I'm looking for: warm, moderately quiet. Typically I like to try someplace new, but I loved Sepia the one other time we've dined there.
      Others on my shortlist were MK (since we haven't been in about 5 years!) Moto, Spiaggia or Tru.
      If Avec took reservations I would have highly considered it. Hmm. Maybe we should pop in there for a glass of wine before our Sepia reservation, since it's just around the corner.

      1. If it were a birthday brunch, Publican. If it were a dinner... well, probably Publican still but I might go with Nightwood instead.

        1. I just had my BD dinner with the wifey at Ruxbin. Excellent dinner. Definitely in my top10. They do not take reservations and from what I read on a typical night the seating wait list fills up for the evaning by 7p. They open at 530 and Sunday is the best bet - luckily my birthday fell on a Sunday and we got there right at 530 and got a table right away. 20min later and we'd have been sitting upstairs drinking wine while we waited (BYOB). As long as you know what to expect as far as the wait and such, the dinner and service were amazing.