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Lookin' for fried chicken! Anything downtown?

I've searched the board. I've also heard Art Smith does it one night a week but don't know what night or, if it's the best in town.

This is a very special birthday. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Joe's Stone Crab has a surprisingly good fried chicken. It also might be a fun place for a celebration. Best of luck.

    Joe's Stone Crab
    60 E. Grand
    Chicago, IL

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      Thanks deesher, much appreciated.

    2. Well, if you can make it up to Andersonville, you might want to try Big Jones Boarding House Lunch. It's not downtown, but it is special:


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        Wow, looking at the website I know we'd love this place but unfortunately we are without a car so I've bookmarked this for a future visit. Thanks for pinting this out jbw!

      2. Fried chicken + downtown + special occasion = very tough combination
        I'd suggest The Southern, just northwest of downtown

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          I'll definitely check this out camusman. I cant access the site from my ipad but this sounds promising. Thanks so much.

        2. Crisp in Lakeview has delicious fried chicken (and chicken wings), but I wouldn't say it is that suitable for a "special birthday"

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            We LOVE Crisp jhojati, it was that chicken that inspired this quest!

          2. West Town Tavern does a fried chicken dinner on Mondays that is very good. It's located on West Chicago Ave. I find this place very charming and homey.

            1. Chef Luciano/Gourmet Chicken just east of Chinatown (south of downtown) is pretty solid. Mostly takeout, but not a bad vibe-worth checking out.

              1. Table 52 (Art Smith) does fried chicken on Sunday. I've heard that it is very good and the restaurant is a lovely setting but the tables are closetogether.

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                  You can actually get fried chicken at Table 52 on Sundays and Mondays. The chicken is fantastic and if you are seated in a room upstairs you have a bit more space between other diners.