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Jan 14, 2012 02:10 PM

Openings 2012 (Toronto)

I don't think a 2012 openings thread has been started yet (not that I could find at least) so here it goes.

I noticed that Messini authentic gyros is opening a second location at Yonge/Eglinton soon. It is replacing a place called Madanto that had been there for maybe a couple of years.

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    1. Panera Bread has opened their downtown location now where the old Levi's store used to be at 322 Yonge. Saw it was relatively busy last night.

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        Oh that's good to know, actually! Thanks!

        1. re: magic

          You're welcome, magic! Hope you've had a chance to check it out. It's actually larger than it looks, with upstairs seating.

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            I will be checking it out quite soon, thanks bluefirefly :)

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          And just down Gould St on Ryerson Campus, there are signs up announcing that Stratford's Balzac's Coffee Roasters is opening soon.

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            And in the spot of the old Ginger 2/Green Fusion, Eki-Bento is opening soon (it was supposed to open Feb 1 but wasn't open when I walked by thursday)

          2. A new Mexican restaurant called Pachuco has opened on Danforth near Broadview. It's in the same building as Embrujo Flamenco, and has the same ownership. There is a story on it here:


            and here is the website :

            I haven't tried it but the menu looks interesting.

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              I think its been a week or 2 but Chipotle at 123 Front

              And looks like another Five Guys at Yonge and Green Lane in Newmarket

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              1. URSA at Queen and Shaw (old Bar One space I think) opened last week. I was there last night and it was packed. Recognised guy in the kitchen from Woodlot and others from around town.. Small menu right now only 3 mains and 5 apps. Good sized portions the Pork was Amazing with belly & loin on the plate over lentils, date had the Whitefish which was also great. Only miss was the broth for the mushroom soup it was a tad over-powering.

                I have not heard anything about this place until we stumbled by.. anyone know anything more?

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                1. re: ParkerQ

                  The only thing I did find:

                  "Having spent over 13 years in Toronto’s kitchens — from Terroni to Centro to Prime at the Windsor Arms — executive chef and co-owner, Jacob Sharkey Pearce brings with him some heavy culinary artillery: reputation, skill and, perhaps most auspiciously, the silent partnership of Terroni's Cosimo Mammoliti."