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preserved lemon

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Where can I find these in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley? Thanks

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  1. They have them at the Silverlake Cheese Store. Oh, and also at the World Market.

    There is also a short cut recipe you can make at home. [Google]

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      1. I think I've seen them at Whole Foods.

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          Whole Foods, at the olive bars.

        2. Check out http://sqirlla.com/ (hours are limited, but some stuff is also sold at Proof Bakery in Atwater). Her preserved Meyer lemons are delicious (though if you're looking for a very traditional Moroccan recipe, Eurekas may be a little more traditional).

          They're also easy to make at home, though you do have to be willing to wait a few weeks to use them.

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            Sqirl's preserves and preserved lemons are also available at Broom Street General Store in SIlverlake... much better hours and fried chicken on Fridays...