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Jan 14, 2012 12:07 PM

Invited to Dinner with my wife at Per Se by boss. Wife is almost 7 months pregnant


I don;t know if this a problem or not. I was recently promoted and as a nice gesture my boss ( who travels 75% of the year) invited my wife and I to dinner at Per Se whith him and his wife. My wife is currently almost 7 months pregnant. When I told her about the invite her ears perked up and was so excited. I have always wanted to go there, and I also am very excited.

Should I call the restaurant about this matter?

  1. Yes. They'll be able to accommodate. No problem.

    1. Unless your wife has certain dietary restrictions, there really is no need to alert them. I'm sure the staff has seen pregnant women there before.

      Your boss obviously thinks very hiighly of you.



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        I strongly disagree. You should call the restaurant - if they need to make any substitutions to the menu because of your wife's dietary restrictions during pregnancy, a heads up will be very helpful and avoid any problems during your evening. Your wife needs to give you a list of those things she does not want to eat, and you can tell the restaurant to make sure she isn't served any of those things.

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          You need to read my post more carefully. I did say that if she has any dietary restrictions, he should alert the restaurant.


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            Right, but don't all pregnant women have dietary restrictions? Veined cheeses, oysters, certain varieties of fish, etc. I think that's why the OP asked in the first place.

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              Well other than not drinking hard liquor I didn't do any dietary restrictions and I never would have considered calling the restaurant about it, I'd just order what I could eat.

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                Per Se is a multi-course tasting menu. Diners don't have an option as to what courses they are served, so I imagine the kitchen would appreciate having some advance notice.

      2. When I first read your question, I thought, "Call them about what matter?" Pregnancy isn't illness after all. What's more, pregnant women eat at such restaurants all the time. A restaurant like Per Se needs no such warning. Your wife sounds excited about the prospect. Check out the menu online if you worry about choices. Most of all, enjoy. It's a fabulous restaurant. Oh, and congratulations on your promotion.

        1. A) The dietary warnings for pregnant women are vastly overrated, particularly in the later trimester when organogenesis is essentially completed.

          B) A restaurant like Per Se is not serving fishes highly contaminated with Mercury or other artificial preservatives with a theoretical risk to children. We're talking about one of the two or three best restaurants in the United States here.

          C) Even though Per Se runs a "set" tasting menu, they also do extended tasting menus, a vegetable tasting menu, and have some very talented people in the kitchen - they can absolutely make an "on the fly" change to ANY course on the menu to accomidate even the most odd dietary requests (not saying pregnancy is odd, but people come up with all sorts of 'allergies' and intolerances)

          D) If you are concerned or if your wife has any specific things she is strongly trying to avoid (whether for taste purposes or for health reasons) it certainly does not hurt to call or e-mail them - having dined at all of Chef Keller's restaurants I've found them to have the absolute best customer service of any restaurant group in the US.

          E) Congratulaions on the promotion, the little one on the way, and for having an awesome boss. Just relax - the baby and the new job duties will be a lot more stressful than anything that will happen regarding a minor dietary restriction at Per Se. :-)


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            if there are any issues at all i would like to humbly volunteer myself to "take one for the team"and go in your stead. i will be polite (possibly even charming) and well behaved. its a burden but one i will bear.

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              So Per Se never serves tuna, shark, swordfish, orange roughie, grouper, mackerel, Chilean sea bass, or marlin? I'm curious what makes you sure they never serve high-mercury fish, since most fine restaurants do.

              No comment against Per Se, or anyone who isn't worried about mercury -- I'm just interested if you know this to be their policy.

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                That was my thought too. I had raw hiramasa last time I was there, which I don't imagine a pregnant woman would eat both out of fear of mercury content and the fact that it was, well, raw.

                I personally am not concerned about mercury, but virtually all predator fish have high mercury content and as visciole said, fine dining restaurants do serve them.

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                  There are two tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian. What difference does it make if they serve fish that a patron wants to avoid? Read the menu. Choose the one that's right for you.

              2. The original comment has been removed