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Jan 14, 2012 11:45 AM

Where to Find Pork Belly in Union County

I've certainly never seen pork belly sold in a supermarket, I'm assuming I need to go to a butcher for this item?

I live in Rahway. Is there a local trustworthy butcher close to me other than John's in Scotch Plains where i could get this? I'd rather not drive that far. I found a recipe for Warm Lentil and Smoked Pork Belly Salad that's calling my name :


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  1. I purchase mine in Shop Rite. Generally, there are 1/2 inch to one inch slices sold 2-4 pieces in prepacks....but I always purchase an 18 inch slab with ribs custom cut , or ordered directly with the butcher on hand. My regular Shop Rite store is the Paramus location, which is a fairly large and busy store compared to some others. Paramus and Rochelle Park will also carry Suckling Pigs.

    Pork Belly is usually about 2.49 per pound.....but sometimes as high as 3.49

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      I bought mine at the Shop Rite in Marlboro.

    2. Up by Rahway there are at least a couple of ethnic butchers that carry it. I seem to remember seeing it in a Latino meat market on Elizabeth Avenue. (or is that in Linden?)

      Otherwise, head down to the Kam Man Supermarket on Route 1 or the Super H Mart on Route 27, both in Edison. Both have terrific pork at low prices.

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          I don't know about the original poster, but I'm heading over to the Union Pork Store as soon as it opens. It looks fantastic!

      1. Wow, I never knew about the Union Pork Store and I've been living in this area for over 10 years.

        As for Shop-Rite, I typically shop at the one in either Woodbridge or Clark (when not using Wegman's) and I've never seen it at either of them. I'll just go up to the butcher window next time I'm in there and ask for it.

        I do know about the Latino market in Rahway, just haven't made it over there yet. I think it's because every time I drive by it seems to be closed; it's not a street I travel on very frequently and would only be on weekends (I work in the City weekdays) so it sort of is one of those "out of sight out of mind" kind of things.

        So, thanks for that reminder!

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          Hey, I live in Rahway, too. I'm racking my brain thinking there is a butcher on Westfield in Clark, but maybe I'm thinking of the fishmonger, Clark Fish Market.

          I've bought pork belly at an asian market, but I guess the closest one of those is in Edison.

          Do you have any favorite places in town?

        2. I don't have an answer, but a question re: the same recipe -- where to find Puy lentils without going into NYC? not Puy style, but the genuine article?

          1. Search out the closest Seabra's supermarket (I think Union or Hillside might be closest to you). They always have a lot of pig parts.