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Jan 14, 2012 10:50 AM

Need SF recommendations for Midwest Hounds

Help~coming to SF next week and need some great "foodie" ideas including great sushi.

Park Tavern is on the radar.

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  1. Hey roxie!

    The SFBA Hounds are uberhelpful to us gastrotourists but they need a bit more to go on to steer you in the right direction among their 5000 restaurants. What kind of food do you like? Or crave that you can't get in the midwest? Lunches or dinners or both? What's your price range? What part of the city are you staying in? Are you going to be driving or using transit? Give the locals some more to work with and they will come through for you... and you'll have an even better trip!

    Just to get the ball rolling, check out Canteen, La Ciccia and Lers Ros (original Tenderloin location) for three great options.

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    1. re: grayelf cannot beat Sunday brunch at Canteen. But you got to get there at 8:00AM when they open, or you'll be waiting!

      1. re: salmotrutta79

        I think they take limited resos (till 10 am ) on Open Table now for breakfast on Sundays.

      2. re: grayelf

        Roxie lives in the Bay Area, but seems to have midwest visitors often. More info however would be helpful.