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Jan 14, 2012 09:58 AM

Hamilton/Burlington Restaurant for wedding lunch


I am looking for a restaurant for my upcoming wedding, in the Hamilton/Burlington/Dundas/Niagara area. The thing is we want to get married at a restaurant, have a short 5 minute ceremony followed by a really delicious lunch for the guest. There will be approximately 80 people attending.
Has anyone attended a wedding like this before in the area? Or know know of any restaurants that could handle a small ceremony? We are open to all cuisine types, just trying to brain storm some ideas. Any suggestions are appreciated


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  1. Have you tried The Old Mill? This sounds like right up their alley.

    1. I would recommend the Old Mill in Ancaster, the same group also runs Spencer's on the Waterfront in Burlington. Both lovely restaurants. The Old Mill would be perhaps a better choice if you want to get some nice photos.

      Closer to the Niagara area, you should try the Casablanca Winery Inn. Their top floor restaurant is wonderful, has a great view of the lake and the food is spectacular. I have organized group functions there before, also at The Old Mill and both places have great food and classy decor.

      1. Quatrefoil would be a good option.

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          Quatrefoil is wonderful - I'm not sure how you could fit 80 people in there, though.
          Ancaster Mill or Spencer's seem to fit the bill.
          I've also attended group functions at Edgewater Manor in Stoney Creek - lovely venue, and I remember the food as being good - haven't been there recently, though.

        2. The Lord Nelson in Burlington could probably fit about 80 into the main dining room & upper tier, they have had small weddings there before and the food is really good.