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Jan 14, 2012 09:58 AM

Jyuban - Ramen place in Markham

Just read Kate's review in Globe....I live close to downtown and want to know whether anyone who's been there thinks it's worth the trek out to try.

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  1. I haven't been, but here is a pictoral review on youtube: It looks like it's worth a trip.

    1. This is the exact same location of an old ramen shop that was Chinese owned. The name started w/ a Y, I can't remember anymore, they started back in late 90's when that plaza first opened.

      Anyways, the old one was similar in quality to Ajisen.

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      1. I tried the place tonight and the overall experience was very mixed!!

        We ordered for appetizers, the Jyuban grilled ox-tongue ( 4 pcs ) and grilled pork soft bones (4 pcs ). For the mains, we had 2 bowls of Tonkatsu ramen.

        Both appetizers were very tasty, with the meat nicely seasoned, grilled and melt in the mouth tender.

        The ramen was another matter. The pork Char Siu was sweet and tender, very generous portion and IMO better than the Kenzo or the J-Town version. The egg, with its nice runny yolk, was also well executed. Unfortunately, when it comes to the noodle and broth, it was a total let down!!! The broth was extremely diluted and weak, sans milky appearance and void of the usually creamy pork bone flavouring! The ramen, though chewy and cooked al dente, still has the residual and starchy taste of 'raw flour'!! ( Either insufficient rinsing or quantity of boiling water?! ). By my standard, not quite acceptable!! Hope the chef/owner read this thread and improve on the ramen?!!

        Total bill for the above comes to $30 inclusive of tax.

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          Exactly what I felt when we ate there earlier today as well. My husband also thought somehow the starch seem not to have cooked through...and left a weird aftertaste to the mouth. He thinks instead of the alkaline water, they put in something else but has that weird after taste. Agree that the egg and char siu seems fine. The broth is lacking ANY flavor.... absolutely no flavor at all! I wonder if the chef tried it himself. I saw another guy who pour soysauce into his noodle before I had mine...and I thought that was crazy but no.....I almost had to also!! I would say to avoid this place if you come for noodles and the soup. It cannot be compared to either Kenzo or Niwatei for sure.