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Beer Lao

bruce3404 Jan 14, 2012 08:54 AM

My biggest disappointment in an otherwise great meal at Zaab Elee last night was that they'd run out of Beer Lao. Are there any retailers in Manhattan or the Outer Boroughs who might carry Beer Lao?
Vientiane is a long way to go to pick up a 6 pack.

  1. DaveCook Jan 14, 2012 05:56 PM

    Udom's Thai and Indonesian Grocery (81 Bayard St.) carried both the light and the dark last time I stopped in. You might also contact the Paleewong Trading Co., which distributes Beer Lao as well as Singha.

    Dave Cook

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    1. re: DaveCook
      squid kun Jan 15, 2012 09:25 AM

      Udom's closed around the end of the year, unfortunately.

      81 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

      1. re: squid kun
        bruce3404 Jan 15, 2012 09:39 AM

        Thanks for the update; I was heading over there this week. Two Beer Lao bummers in one week would have been hard to take.

        1. re: bruce3404
          MVNYC Jan 15, 2012 09:46 AM

          New Beer Distributors has it. On Chrystie Street, I have definitely seen the dark there but am not sure about the light.

          New Beer Distributors
          167 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

          1. re: bruce3404
            DaveCook Jan 15, 2012 06:04 PM

            That's still a bummer, but thanks for the update Udom's.

            Dave Cook

      2. jonkyo Jan 15, 2012 04:24 PM

        An Choi on Orchard Street has it for 5 dollars, both dark and the other.

        How is the food at Zabb Elee?

        Here is An Choi:

        Have not eaten there, but could be good. The atmosphere fits its art gallery location, and is very tasteful, not over done.

        An Choi
        85 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

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        1. re: jonkyo
          AubWah Jan 15, 2012 05:24 PM

          "How is the food at Zabb Elee?"

          Its the best Thai restaurant in Manhattan.

          1. re: AubWah
            jonkyo Jan 15, 2012 05:33 PM

            Thanks for that。

          2. re: jonkyo
            Pan Jan 16, 2012 02:44 AM

            Long thread here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/774798

            I'm actually surprised you haven't seen it yet.

          3. f
            foodwhisperer Jan 15, 2012 10:41 PM

            Thai restaurant, Mangez Avec Moi, on W Bway in Tirbeca, has Beer Lao. The chef is from Laos, and if asked will make some Isaan/Lao dishes to enjoy with your Beer Lao. I have not been there in a while, I assume nothing has changed

            Mangez Avec Moi
            71 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007

            1. squid kun Jan 16, 2012 11:32 PM

              Dual Specialty Foods on 1st Ave. has it. It's near the Indian beers.

              Also sold here: two occasional Chowhound cravings, fresh curry leaves and bhut jolokia "ghost" chiles (dried at this time of year, fresh in summer). Look for both near the cash register.

              Dual Specialty Store
              91 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

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