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Jan 14, 2012 08:52 AM

Catering Recommendation for small baby shower in Cambridge?

Hi everyone,

My cousin is hosting a small (20 people) baby shower for me in Cambridge next weekend. We hope to serve a simple brunch, with quiche, fruit, good green salad and pastries/desserts. Does anyone know a good and affordable caterer in the area that might be able to do this job? We know we can get these things pre-made at Whole Foods for example, but wanted to find something a bit more elegant for the brunch, if possible. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

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  1. I'm not sure if either of they do formal catering, but Crema Cafe in Harvard Square makes excellent quiche and mostly very good pastries. They also sell fruit cups so they may be able to sell you a large bowl of fruit salad. Maybe you could call and see how they would handle a special/large order. Otherwise, I know that East Coast Grill caters, and I'm sure they would do an excellent job.

    1. The woman who started REbecca's, Rebecca herself sold the franchise and now does catering on her own. OUr office has used her many times and the food is really delicious and much better than we ever had from Rebeccas the sandwich shop. You may be able to google her, since I am not at work, I don't have her contact info

      1. Thanks to you both! I will look into these recommendations!

        1. I'd like to mention Russo's catering as they have two different quiches which are awesome. Obviously, they have several different salads to choose from the menu, and the desserts are very good also; my favorite dessert is the mini berry cheesecakes. I have used them on several occassions as my company has quite a few vegetarians.

          The only drawback is that some of the portioning is done per pound and not per person. One of my favorite side-dish is the fresh grilled veggies, but that's sold per pound.