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Jan 14, 2012 08:41 AM

disappointing kitchen toys

I'm disappointed with my KitchenAid food processor and the local service guy. The brand new and never used before blade separated from the disc. The slicing disc is broken and the main bowl is damaged. There were bits of plastic in the food. This is not covered under warantee. Therefore replacement is at my cost. Be very careful when using your kitchen toys - keep the reciept in a safe place and test all components.

Have you been disappointed by your kitchen toys?

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  1. Cuisinart 4 in one Griddler. It was supposed to make a terrific burger indoors. The burger was steamed. Here's another one. Williams Sonoma little garlic chopper. It's kind of like a guillotine. Found out you have to slice the garlic first then put it in and it will small dice. If I have to slice it first, I might as well dice it myself!

    1. If you purchased with a credit card, check your buyer's protection policy.....most cards afford 30 days, but some up to 60 days.

      1. Sure. Many actually.
        1) stainless steel soap (not sure if it actually works)
        2) Calphalon Infused One wok (as opposed to carbon steel wok)
        3) stainless steel steamers (as opposed to bamboo steamer baskets)
        I am sure I can think of a few more.

        1. Pyrex can opener, which works by breaking the seal from the side rather than cutting through the top. Some cans it won't open because the dimensions are slightly different. I keep my 1969 Swing-a-Way, which still works well, as a backup.

          Even when opening a can from the side works, it can be a problem. If you like to use the lid to squeeze the liquid out of a can of tuna, you need to cut the lid from the top.

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            I have a Krups electric like that. What a pain that was when you then had to toss the tuna in a colander to drain. Back to the old Swing-A-Way (RIP the American made ones).

          2. Steve Raichlen Marinade Injector. Doesn't move easily and it's messy to boot. Forget about herbs/garlic/etc, as the needle clogs. Thankfully it was inexpensive--I guess you do get what you pay for.