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Pho 83

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Has anyone been to Pho 83 in Shakopee lately? Does anyone think their Vietnamese can compete with the local standards like Pho Tau Bay, Saigon, etc..?

Last time I was there this summer I enjoyed the pho but can't say I'm an expert as I've never had the real thing in Vietnam. I have had pho at just about every restaurant in MSP and to be honest the only pho that has blown me away was the Pho Fawm at Her Kitchen in the Hmong Village. The Hmong ladies at Her crank out same tasty stuff. I know that it wasn't technically Vietnamese Pho but this Hmong version was very flavorful.

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  1. I don't think their beef pho is as good others in Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

    I think the chicken soups at Quang are better than the chicken soups at Pho 83.

    I like the restaurant for some of their specialty dishes - lemongrass chicken and tiger pork.

    So my opinion is that there is better, but Pho 83 has its good points. You could do a lot worse.

    1. I've posted about Pho 83 before and I am a big fan. Ate there last night and promised myself I would try something on my next visit, since I can't seem to break away from my "usual", lemon grass chicken. They recently got a beer and wine license. Business seems to be picking up. Most diners I see there are Asian, lots of families. I've had some great soup there.