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Jan 14, 2012 07:08 AM

Excess of Egg Whites?

So, I made a lovely batch of pasta dough this morning, and have six egg whites left over. I'd prefer to use them up as soon as possible in some sort of dessert. Any ideas/recipes? I do not have a kitchen scale so macarons are out, and I'm not really interested in more meringues. I was considering doing a simple angel food cake or pavlova but I'd like something more interesting. If anyone has unique ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. A lot of people seem to have this problem with both whites and yolks.

      One of the easiest ways to use up the extras is to turn them into garnish.

      Simply whip them together (whites or yolks), cook them in thin sheets, cool, slice into strips and freeze.

      Use the strips as garnish for salads, soups, vegetables, stir fry, etc. or as inclusions in various wraps (kim bop, rice paper rolls, california rolls, etc)

      Do both and you have an attractive yellow (yolks) and white (whites) garnish that can enhance the appearance of many dishes.

      1. I love Molly Wizenberg's coconut macaroon's. Old school coconut cooked with sugar and egg whites, baked until just golden on the edges, and dipped in chocolate ganache!
        I just made a batch last week to use up leftover egg whites :) Chewy, and not too sweet, as I use a coarsely grated unsweetened coconut from the bulk section of local natural food store, then just up the sugar a little bit in her recipe, as she calls for sweetened coconut. SO good!

        I especially like it as the 'macarron' craze is going on these days....I will stick with my macaroons!
        Here is a link to the recipe, with some great pics as well...

        1. What about a souffle? They do usually use both yolks and whites (although more whites) but I'm not sure if the yolks are really necessary.

          Here's an old recipe for a strawberry souffle that just uses egg whites

          1. If you put egg in hamburger as a binder, you can use just the whites.