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Jan 14, 2012 06:57 AM

Boston Beer Summit 1/2 price

For anyone interested, I saw that the Boston Phoenix is offering 1/2 price tickets on the beer summit. As a recall last year, tickets ran out so I thought I would just give the heads up.

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  1. Worst beer festival in New England. The selection is weak, none of the brewery bring beer that is not already available in stores, the music is so loud you can't talk to the people from the breweries and the attendees are amateurs. Watch out for the puke on the floor towards the end of the event.

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    1. re: Unfoodie

      Not sure which is worse...not being able to talk to the people from the breweries, or the people that stand there talking for far too long (BeerAdvocate fests.)

      1. re: rknrll

        The only summit fest that I enjoy is the Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and even that the key is to get there when the doors open and leave once the DBs take over the place.

        The summit fests tend to draw a younger, more party oriented crowd. A lot more of the "woooo! lets get hammered!" crowd - and I'm pretty far from being the sort who gets uptight about that sort of thing.

        Regarding the talking far too long bit, that gets really annoying too. At least no one bothers with the lame lineups at the summit fests :) What irritates the heck out of me at both brand of fests are the dinguses that will just park their group 5 feet in front of a vendor, making it unclear if they're in line or not, blocking paths to get to the vendor, etc.

        1. re: jgg13

          Few people possess proper festival etiquette but at least the B.A. festivals don't appeal as much to the "hurry up and get drunk" crowd. Paying $40+ to get wasted and rowdy on 2oz samples of beer is just silly. When conversing with the brewery reps I always step to the side of the table as to not hold up the line.

          The best beer festival IMO is NERAX. Most of the beers aren't even available in the states let alone on cask, you get to decide how large of a pour you want plus the beers are always properly draught and cellared (most establishments who serve real ale don't understand these concepts).

          Now I'm thirsty.

          1. re: Unfoodie

            Hear, hear. The cask ales that most craft-beer-focused places in Boston timidly present to us one at a time don't taste or look right when served, but the NERAX people know what they are doing and the experience is outstanding.

            1. re: Unfoodie

              I also tend to go to the Friday night sessions which are a better atmosphere, the higher cost keeps even more of the party crowd away.

              W/ NERAX, I missed the first couple years ago and then was under the impression that it was always ridiculously crowded. Perhaps I was mistaken there. It has always sounded like a good time.

              1. re: jgg13

                Turn up towards the end of a session. Works for me.

                1. re: jgg13

                  I went to NERAX last year on thursday. It was well attended but not too crowded. Plus I would say the average age of the attendees was 40 so it doesn't get crazy like other beer fests.

                2. re: Unfoodie

                  I have never heard of NERAX. I will obviously look it up but any additional thoughts or details? I agree that the beer summit is very weak. The best beer that we had there a couple of years ago was Peak Organic IPA. I mean come on! The way we described it is the difference between minor league and major league baseball. Almost all the "big boys" like Sam, Redhook, etc are much better than most of the little ones that go.

                  1. re: scubahood10

                    Crossing the streams a little here, but there's some first-hand NERAX info over at in the forums (e.g., and ). And the official site is .

                    1. re: emannths

                      Thanks! It is weird that the their site doesn't say anything about tickets or admission prices. It does mention you need to buy the beer your self. Does it get pricey?

                      1. re: scubahood10

                        Last year admission was $15 ($10 on Saturday, and no cover during the last hour or so of each session). Beers were $6/20oz pint, with smaller pours available for prorated prices. Whether that's pricey or not depends on your reference point. A $6 imperial pint is about $4.25/14oz Boston "pint," so the beer price is actually pretty cheap. You just have to figure out how long you're going to stay and how much of a premium you're willing to pay for cask and otherwise unavailable-in-the-US beer.

                  2. re: Unfoodie

                    "Paying $40+ to get wasted and rowdy on 2oz samples of beer is just silly. "

                    And yet, I enjoyed it anyway.