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Jan 14, 2012 06:37 AM

Chinese New Year 2012 Maui

We'll be on Maui for the beginning of the Chinese New Year Celebration this year. As we're native San Franciscans, we don't really need the whole lion dance thing.

We've tried in vain over the years to find good/authentic Chinese food on Maui. So now I'm asking for what seems impossible. Is there a Chinese restaurant on Maui that does a special menu for CNY?

We're staying in West Maui but will travel for good food.....

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  1. Maui is not the place to seek out Chinese food or restaurants when one is used to and desires the quality of the best Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel valley or in the San Francisco area. Perhaps this will change when wealthy tourists from China discover Maui, but for now why don't you (1) ask a Chinese restaurant owner to prepare the kind of meal that you want for the New Year but lower your expectations; or (2) substitute some other kind of meal at a splurge Maui restaurant; or (3) call the Chinese restaurants on Maui and find out if they have a special menus. You can, of course, also fly to Oahu for the day.

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    1. re: honu2

      Thanks honu2 - you've just confirmed what I already knew (but I was hoping I was wrong or that I just hadn't looked carefully enough) - hope springs eternal!

      Thanks too for the Oahu suggestion - but I just know in my heart that my DH will not want to make that trip...

      1. re: RWCFoodie

        Last year Star Noodle did a special dish and also had a visit from the lettuce-eating lion. They aren't a Chinese restaurant per se, but a noodle house with aspirations towards NYC's Momofuku. The menu is rooted in good old Hawaiian plantation food, with a decidedly upscale twist. You can also try East Ocean in Kihei--sometimes (but not always) awesome.

        1. re: omaopio

          Good call omaopio - we love Star Noodle so I will check to see what's scheduled (or not) for them and will post what I find out...

          Will have to check out East Ocean in Kihei. Is the food at all "authentic" or ???