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Jan 14, 2012 06:07 AM

Boca Raton-Del Ray Beach Restaurants?

Hi. I'll be at the Boca Raton resort next week and am looking for the best, fit for foodie restaurants in Boca, Del Ray or similarly close (20-25 min drive). I need four restaurants. Has anyone been to Max's Harvest or DIG? I'm a personal chef so I'd rather not go to Capital Grill or any other chain-like place! Thanks!

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  1. Tramonti, Italian in Delray Beach . SIMPLY THE BEST !

    1. my mom lives in boca and our favorite place to eat is saporissimo. it looks like a roadside stand, but it is outstanding. not cheap, but the food is great. 366 e palmetto park road. enjoy

      1. While i've been in and eaten from Max's Harvest numerous times, ive never actually sat down to eat in the restaurant. friend of mine works there, food is great. Really busy on weekends now that its season. Never been to DIG so i can't comment.

        1. I;ve been to DIG and was underwhelmed.

          btw it's Delray Beach.