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Jan 14, 2012 03:37 AM

Last minute trip to Turin / Torino

I know I should've written earlier, but I'm on the train for an overnight (Sat-Sun) in Torino. I've looked through some of the threads and have my Slow Food guide. Since we only have Sat and Sunday lunch and Saturday night dinner, I'm looking to narrow it down.

Thinking tonight dinner at Antiche Sere or Valenza. Or maybe Valenza for lunch today. Having a hard time finding places open for lunch on Sunday. Maybe we should just do a simple panino thing? What do Torinese do who don't stay home for Sunday lunch?

Also thinking about Dai Saletta today for lunch since we are staying very close to the station Porta Nuova, and that is close.

Any suggestions are helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Antiche Sere
Via Cenischia, 9, Turin, Piedmont 10139, IT

Da Saletta
Via Belfiore,37, Turin, Piedmont , IT

Valenza (aka Braga)
Via Borgo Dora,39, Turin, Piedmont , IT

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  1. All I can add is that I has a very good dinner at Antiche Sere a few years ago. Not much help, but: