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Jan 14, 2012 12:33 AM

London...I'm in love

It's our last full day in London of a 5 night stay and I just want to say how much we enjoyed the great places to eat. We are from New Jersey in the USA and work in New York City and I have to say that London realy gives NY a run for its money. I'm writing on an iPad so I won't go into detail now, but I just have to say how amazing Brawn was. Probably the best food of the trip and we spent 8 nights in Italy before coming to London! To me, it is the perfect restaurant: casual atmosphere with great service and fabulous food. I even stopped the chef as he was walking through the dining room and shook his hand an thanked him. That's how blown away I was by our evening.

More to come when we get home. Thanks to all for their wonderful suggestions!

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  1. Thanks for reaffirming my view that London really is a fantastic restaurant city, even to those of us who dwell or dwelt in NY. So many still remember the days when tourists dreaded eating here, but oh, how that has changed! Please do let us know what places you enjoyed.

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      Will do zuriga1. Going to Boca di Lupo tonight and looking forward to it!

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        I tried to get a table at there for about 2 weeks from now... no luck. A friend is visiting from the States and that was her choice. Seeing that I can go another time soon, I wasn't too disappointed, but she will try to go during her week here if she can get a table. I hope you enjoyed it!

    2. Is Brawn a sister of Terroirs and the new southern Soif? If so, how does it differ from them?

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        It is a sister. Not sure how it's different, but it is really very good. I went on friday and had a fantastic meal. Would certainly recommend it. The staff couldnt have been nicer, the food was excellent, and the wine was very good for the price. The house red is surprisingly good.

        1. re: alexdz

          Soif is pretty good as well - went a couple of weeks ago and very much enjoyed it.

          1. re: greedygirl

            Me too, especially enjoyed trying some more unusual wines the waiter recommended.