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Jan 13, 2012 10:40 PM

Uncanny Sauerkraut?

My Sauerkraut experience is strictly of the canned variety. Short of attempting a DIY effort, anywhere in the Boston area have WILD Sauerkraut? How much of a revelation is it vs. the canned variety?

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  1. It's not alive, but it isn't canned. Market Basket has Silver Floss sauerkraut in poly bags. Also in the fridge at MB are Ba-Tampte sauerkraut and new kraut. I think I've seen the refrigerated, jarred Nathan's brand kraut at Shaw's.

    I usually buy the Silver Floss stuff, so I can't give you a good comparison. It's definitely crisper and "fresher" tasting than anything canned, but it doesn't have that mouthpucking funkiness that you get from other naturally pickled cabbage products like kimchi. I've never made my own though, so don't consider me an expert.

    You might also try places like Karl's Sausage Kitchen and other German and central/eastern European food places.

    Karl's Sausage Kitchen
    142 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

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      I also buy the Silver Floss. I have been adding some "natural" apple cider vinegar which has helped make it just a bit more puckering.

    2. It's hard to find living sauerkraut - the old-fashioned kind in a crock or barrel where the fermentation has not been stopped by preservatives (sodium benzoate being the most common). Good bagged stuff can be found a Karl's Sausage Kitchen, but it's not the living variety.

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        Yeah--anything alive will not be packaged in a closed and sealed container. At least not for long!

      2. I buy lacto-fermented organic sauerkraut on-line from Thirty Acre Farm in Maine. It's packed in quart jars... Full of flavor, a more mild sauerkraut than others I've tasted, and stores well in the fridge. Frankly, it's quite delicious. I know this isn't in the Boston area but I thought you'd like to know there is another source for what you want. BTW: I live in Melrose and their shipping is speedy.

        From their web site:
        "Our cultured foods, including sauerkrauts, kim chi, and pickles, are raw, lacto-fermented, no vinegar or sugar added, 100% MOFGA Certified Organic. Ingredients are Maine grown whenever possible and mixed with Celtic sea salt which is rich in trace minerals. "


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          OT, but "rich in trace minerals" sounds a lot like "jumbo shrimp." ;-)

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            Jumbo shrimp always gets a laugh around here. But in this case, "rich in trace minerals" only refers to unrefined sea salt...

        2. Check out this place in South Boston near Andrew Station: http://www.balticeuropeandeli.com/

          1. I worked at Nathan's Famous for a couple of days back in the 70s, and there were bubbling clear trashbags full of sauerkraut everywhere.

            Think I'll give that Thirty Acre Farms a try, thanks!