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Jan 13, 2012 09:58 PM

Now there's really great pizza and dining experience on the far Westside

Finally made it to Milo & Olive...for the pizza. First time i was ever relieved to be stuck in traffic. I was in Santa Monica couldnt make it east of the 405. The little voice asked,"Isn't Milo & Olive near here? Wasnt someone talking up their pizza?" "Ok, little voice, I'm there!" Pork belly, braised greens, Mozz pie... Awesome! If yu like Mozza's pies, go there!

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  1. Love it and such nice servers there too! Love love love the pizza with buratta and prosciutto and those garlic knots filled with butter and garlic. Also had the pork belly pizza..had a nice kick to it...yummmmm!

    1. just had their anchovy pie.
      the best anchovy pie i've ever tasted.

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        You have to try that duck leg. That is one of the greatest dishes anywhere. I first had it at Rustic Canyon. Loved it. So happy to see it on M&O menu and even happier that it has not been removed from either menu. Delicious.