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Jan 13, 2012 09:33 PM

Lotus of Siam too busy? Check out Weera Thai!

I was in Las Vegas for CES, and despaired of getting a table at LOS. Planned to get takeout and bring back to my hotel room until I read some reviews of Weera Thai, a mile west of LOS on the other side of the 15 freeway on Sahara. Excellent stuff!

This is a small mom and pop restaurant in a strip mall. I was by myself and only tried two dishes, the Issan style Green Papaya Salad and the Ped Nom Tak, a dish with bits of duck breast in a complex savory gravy. Both were well up there in the LOS quality quadrant. This place is serious and you should check it out.

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  1. Weera is a big favorite of John Curtas's. I remember him mentioning it many times, but here's one:

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      Yelp offers a $20 Weera gift certificate for $10.

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        Had a really good dinner last month. Was not crowded compared to LOS. Wanted to try the Issan specials. Had the following:

        Sua Rong Hai (BBQ Beef)……….Marinated charbroiled beef served with Weera's spicy tamarind sauce.

        Green Curry chicken……….Traditional Thai green curry with coconut milk, eggplant & basil, with choice of meat.

        Ped Nom Tok ……….Sliced boneless roasted duck with chili paste, herbs, spices & lime juice.

        Shrimp Glass Noodle Pot.........Shrimp, black pepper & ginger baked with glass noodle in hot pot.

        If you have a craving for Thai food and cannot get a table at LOS, Weera is an excellent alternative.

        1. re: baron45

          We have dined a Weera Thai on each of our past 2 trips. On our first visit we started off with Thai egg rolls which were grease free and packed with fresh tasting ingredients. For entrees we shared orders of nom tuk moo - sliced pork with rice powder, spices, lime juice and chili plus the shrimp glass noodle pot – shrimp, black pepper and ginger baked with glass noodles. The shrimp glass noodle pot was outstanding. We concluded the meal with a cup of coconut ice cream. Our waitress was a delight.

          Two weeks ago were returned and shared a tasty green papaya salad with green beans, tomato, and peanuts seasoned with lime juice and Thai chili. We were happy we ordered mild because this salad has a kick. For entrees, we again ordered the shrimp glass noodle pot plus spicy eggplant with shrimp. We again concluded the meal with a cup of coconut ice cream. There is much more on the menu for us to try so we surely be returning on our next trip.

          1. re: westie

            My sister in law and I went to Weera last Tuesday and it was awesome. The outstanding dish of the evening was a white fish (I am blanking on the exact type) served in a broth with its own heating element. Many thanks to all the hounds who recommended this place.