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Jan 13, 2012 08:06 PM

what is your "default" ethnic food?

This may sound silly, but I'm 1/4 English, 1/4 Irish, and 1/2 Bohemian, yet my default is always Italian. Mexican is second. In suburban Chicago I was surrounded by Italians and then in Southern California in the music industry also was around Italians and introduced to Mexican, very often by Italians!!! Go figure!!!!!

I'd love to cook more authentic cuisines, because I drool over so many of your dinners. So, is anyone else here in my same shoes?

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  1. I'm Scots-Irish, German, English, and Cherokee. My default is Mexican. I also go for Italian and vaguely Asian.

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      I love Indian food, as well...but the hubby does not.....sigh.

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        Vaguely Asian sums it up perfectly. For some reason, I don't sem to consider Italian ethnic.

      2. My default is Thai when done right; So much flavor!

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          I've never attempted cooking Thai, but enjoy eating it. Maybe that could be a New Year's goal.

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            My principal recommendation, if you have access to the ingredients, is use recipes where you make your own curry paste, which makes a BIG difference.

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            Try Laotian fare too for flavor/spice ....

          3. I'm British. I'm not sure I have a default ethnic cuisine. We cook a wide range of foods and, of course, modern European cuisine crosses and blurs national boundaries. For instance, you're likely see a similar treatment of duck or rabbit across several north European countries. Unsurprising really as we're all growing the same produce with the same seasonality.

            I suppose there are two major influences on our traditional cooking. First is derived from the countries we regularly visit for holidays - Spain, Cyprus, Italy, America - bringing back influences from the cooking of those countries and incorporating it into our own. And second is the influence of immigration - by far the greatest group, and largest influence, is from the Indian sub-continent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and, to a lesser extent, Sri Lanka)

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              I think Harters needs to adopt me!!! :)

            2. Eating out it would be a good Chinese buffet. I like the ability to pick and choose. The local ones have steamed flounder and other seafood so even better. I definitely prefer this to Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, Japanese etc

              1. Looking back at my menu plan file, it seems I often make things inspired by cuisines of various Asian countries, the Caribbean, and Mexico (or nearby countries).. but a lot of the time, too, I don't know that I could pin down an ethnicity for a meal. Oops!

                Going out, I tend toward what one might call modern North American or continental, Vietnamese, and Thai.