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Jan 13, 2012 07:53 PM

Charleston Restaurant Week Round 1: McCrady's

There's lots to love about McCrady's. The lovely space, the accommodating staff, the fireplace in weather that passes for cold here. But really, it's the food.

I like all kinds of food, but sometimes it's really nice to go where people think up all kinds of interesting combinations that sound like they make no sense. But, oh boy, they do.

Our server, Jodie, is studying to be a sommelier. She knows her wine, but better still, she knows everything about the food. She spent much time describing each dish for us with such enthusiasm I thought she would pop.

My starter was described this way: Dirt Hugger Farms Lettuce: Beets Cooked in Wood Embers, Almonds, Sheeps Milk Ricotta, Huckleberry Orange Vinaigrette. It was young greens, some roasted beet, very smoky, raw beets shaved on top, with grainy ricotta topped with ground and whole almonds on top. Whole huckleberries were in the vinaigrette. And really, they had me at "Dirt Huggers". I had never heard of this place, But I'm going to visit. Why not?

My entree was described like this:Painted Hills Ribeye
Creamed Cabbage, Sunchokes and Black Trumpet Mushrooms
The steak had roasted farro on top that tasted like little popcorn, with truffle mousse on the side. The mushrooms tasted just like the woods. Sounds weird right? But it worked. Yum.

For dessert, I had chocolate mousse. Okay not just any chocolate mousse. It was rolled up in a beet tube. With passionfruit foam on the side. I know. Beets? But, believe me, it was just right.

Here's the link to the menu:

My companions had all the other dishes and I got to taste them all. The chicken was very special.

Coming up: Anson, Tristan, and Oak.

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  1. Thanks for the report! My friend had the beet salad and the choc mousse when we were there recently. I also got to try the sunchockes and black trumpets. They are certainly putting out some tasty food at McCrady's these days. Keep those reviews coming.

    1. sounds delightful SUE!

      1. It was! Thank you ladies.

        After all this I'm going to need a trip to Johnny's Hot Dogs, lol!