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Jan 13, 2012 07:27 PM

ISO Best burger in Oshawa, Whitby or Ajax

New to the area and am desperate for a decent burger.

The kind with fresh, good quality beef preferably char grilled and with fresh toppings. A side a thick cut fries would be good too, but it's the burger that really matters.

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  1. Start by reading this chain:

    A few recommends there for Shake Rabble and Roll but when someone described it as a "Greek burger" (overly spiced) that makes it an avoid for me. But it's char grilled so might be what you're looking for.

    1. There are a few places you should try. Baldwin Street Burger in Brooklin is my best rec. Fresh ground meat daily, great toppings. Truffle mayo for their great fries. Starr burger and Shamrock are quite good. New Burrito place in Oshawa Jimmy Guaccos (sp?) opened a month or so ago....very tasty.

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      1. re: Torontotonto

        Not impressed with Shamrock as their burgers taste like Lick's. I've only been to their Scarborough location but I don't expect Brooklin to be any different.

        The OP said she likes char-griilled so, if she doesn't mind those nasty spices Shamrock might be a good start. They also often do "daily deals" (Living Social or Wagjag?) so that's something to look for. They do have amazing onion rings.

        1. re: TexSquared

          Thanks a million for the link and for your comments. Much appreciated!

        2. re: Torontotonto

          Thanks so much for the recs! Truffle mayo.. oh my, yes!

        3. Give Patty Shack in Downtown Oshawa a try. Its a newer joint open last year serving UOIT students mainly but has great poutines, wings and other stuff as well.

          As for good burritos I prefer Viva Burrito on Centre St to Jonny Guacs. Its a small take out place with real carne asada (not ground beef) , carnitas, and a friendly owner.

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          1. re: BeanerSchitzl

            Thank you for the Viva rec. I will try tomorrow.
            I was so pleased about Guac's...if this is!!

            1. re: Torontotonto

              Viva burrito is delicious!
              Also for burgers there is a new BIg Boy Burger at the corner of Thickson and Consumers in Whitby, which is great! Amazing fries too! Gravy was their only fault.

          2. I am with BeanerSchitzl on this: the Patty Shack is the best burger around, although to be fair I haven't tried Big Boy yet. The patties at The Patty Shack are grilled and taste like patties you would make at home for your friends...I like that. Yes, they have a million toppings (which you might also get into at home) but if they were putting them onto some piece of crap burger I wouldn't really care about that. Fries and everything are excellent too. Go for the great burger, figure the rest out based on what you like.

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            1. re: JayKay47

              I'm a huge burger fan and was literally dragged to a place last night by a coworker that claimed he had the best spot around for a burger. WOW. The guy makes all his own buns, uses REAL cheese (surprisingly hard to fin these days), if you order the bacon cheese burger, you get about 10 strips of bacon on your burger! The poutine looked insane (and made with homemade gravy). All the soups are homemade etc etc. I was shocked!!

              Place is called Burger & Deli (or something like that). It's in the Yellowhouse pizza plaza just east of Cochrane in Whitby.

              Definitely worth a try. I loved the guys passion for good food. Try the explosion burger. I watched him make it for someone behind menu line. Insane!!

              1. re: motodan

                Sounds amazing. Def going to check that one out.

            2. There is petes burger across the starbucks (which is across from pickering town centre) and people were saying good things about it on here but to be honest I didn't like it that much. It is char grilled I believe.

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              1. re: BamiaWruz

                Ya I've been to Pete's (years ago mind you) and had what I believe was their banquet burger. I didn't find it to be the 'home burger' type patty I'm after. There was actually a gut truck there grabbing boxes of burgers for his route.
                Someone mentioned Patty Shack in Oshawa on King St. I've been there a couple times and do find their burger to be pretty good!
                I'm still a fan of Starr Burger. Not the same as when they used to grind their meat on the counter right in front of you but I still find it a great burger!!