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Jan 13, 2012 06:35 PM

For coffee snobs - a clever French press on Kickstarter!

I'm a bit of a coffee geek, buying green beans and roasting them at home. While I really like my Bodum French press, I've always had mixed feeling about the sediment that's in French press coffee - not sure whether the sediment adds to the taste or distracts it.

Well yesterday, I came across this new French Press on Kickstarter that addresses exactly my concern about French Press. I was impressed enough to order one:

I have no affiliation whatsoever with these guys, but I thought coffee lovers on this board may be interested in this clever product.

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  1. The French press that you reference, albeit interesting, seems to try to solve a problem that doesn't really exist if you make sure that you use a coarse grind which is what is required for a French press. If this is the case you should have no or or very little sediment.

    I'm a coffee 'snob' and roast my own green beans at home in my drum roaster (and for friends who've discovered I have one!). I use a double-walled stainless steel bodum with a stainless steel filter to brew the coffee.

    The French press from kickstarter has a plastic filter and for this reason I would avoid it at all costs. All plastic leach chemicals and especially when the are exposed to near-boiling water which would happen in such a press. Not a good idea if you are concerned about neuro-disrupters entering your body.

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      Do you know about cafestol? As you are so concerned about a plastic mesh, you should read up on the dangers of french press coffee to make the most educated choice!

      1. re: justsayn

        Read more about cafestol...anticarcinogen and prevents parkinsons...i'll take the higher serum cholestorol and skip the cancer and parkinsons ;)

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        I think most, if not all, home drip coffee makers have plastic baskets. My Zojirushi coffee maker does.

        My double-walled stainless steel Bodum Columbia has a stainless steel filter but filter is mounted on a plastic frame. And my beloved Costco stainless steel coffee thermal mug has a plastic cap and sprout. Mmm...