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Jan 13, 2012 06:18 PM

Best seafood tower is Austin? (it's Bourdain's fault)

Would like to celebrate the hub's birthday with a killer seafood tower. Any suggestions or feedback on who does it well in Austin?

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  1. Not sure of the appeal here; only one I've seen is at Perry's Steakhouse. Fairly nice, but maybe not killer

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      Looks like Perlas, Parkside, Eddie Vs, Trulucks do it. I've been to Eddie Vs Arboretum which was fine, service was the best part. Not much interested in trying Trulucks because it's a chain unless someone says it's worthwhile. The goal here is to revisit a yummy date night we had in New Orleans, just nice, hands-on raw bar and chilled whatever du jour. Will look up Perry's, thanks

      1. re: Sunnny

        FWIW I was at Flemings tonight and they had it. First time I've been in years. Pretty damn good bone in prime ribeye. Not where I would pick but I wasn't paying

    2. Go to Perlas, never had their seafood tower but have always have had an outstanding experience when we go there! Plus it's much more of a cozy fun restaurant than any of the others you mentioned.

      1. Trulucks has one and does it well. I know they don't get much love on here because they are a chain, but seriously, you are asking for fresh seafood in Central TX, it's gonna be difficult to find someone to do fresh NOLA seafood here. I've always had good service at Truluck's, but be specific about where you want to sit when you make reservations as a party of 2.

        Eddie V's - same deal. I had good, fresh seafood there, great service, be specific about seating. Never had a seafood tower there, but I did have trout amandine. The color of the sauce was different than the way they do it in New Orleans, but it was good.

        I love Perla's, and I'm sure they have a seafood tower, and they have good service. But, I HATE their dinig room. It is not intimate seating. It is loud, and I feel like I'm having dinner with 3 other tables. But I do go there to devour 3 or so dozen oysters and champagne on occasion.